You will need
    • a bowl with high edges;
    • wooden spoon;
    • halo;
    • mixer.
Before whipping cream butterneeded to make it soft. Remove the required amount of product from the refrigerator and leave it for an hour and a half at room temperature. Then check: if weak pressure is applied on the surface of the dimple remains, it means the oil is ready for whipping.
Cut the butter into small cubes with sides of about 1.5–2 cm cubes, Place in a ceramic or glass bowl with high sides. You can beat the butter by hand. To do this, mix the pieces using a large wooden spoon into a homogeneous mass, and then gradually start to add sugar or condensed milk and intensely in circular motions beat the mixture with a whisk. If the butter is too warm, it should cool it down by placing a bowl of cream in a wide dish filled with cold water. In a pinch, you can put oil for a few minutes in the fridge, and then continue whisking. When the mixture will become white color and will increase in volume twice, the cream is ready.
Faster beat the butter using the mixer. Use the nozzle in the form of frames. Put it in a dish with butterm and start mixing at the lowest speed. If the pieces of butter together in a single lump, increase speed to medium and beat it. After 3-5 minutes of whipping, you can enter in a creamy butter granulated sugar or condensed milk. This should be done gradually and carefully, as if you add all of the sugar at once, to dissolve it will be very difficult. Beat the mixture after the introduction of additives another 7-10 minutes. As soon as the oil will become white and will go wavy and curvy layers and also a noticeable increase in volume, the oil mixture is ready.
If you want to get whipped butter different color, you can paint it, food dyes, berries syrup or beet juice. A bright cream will decorate any dessert.