You will need
    • Cream 20 — 35% fat;
    • Mixer or blender with the framework attachment.
For whipping fit cow's cream of at least 20% fat. Cream of low fat content, you simply can not wsbase.For whipping cream use a mixer or blender with one or two framework corollas. You can also use a hand mixer.
Tools for whipping cream
Before whipping, chill cream in the refrigerator.
Start whisking the cream on the lowest speed. Gradually increase the speed of whisking.
How to make whipped <strong>cream</strong>
If the recipe in whipped cream you want to add sugar, then introduce it gradually in the process of whisking in small portions. Better yet, if instead of sugar you'll use powdered sugar. It does not weigh down the whipped cream and dissolves easier in them.
As soon as the cream whipped in a solid foam and retain their shape on the beater, the beating must stop.
How to make whipped <strong>cream</strong>
After the whipping, place the cream in a pastry bag and use for decorating cakes or making desserts. Properly whipped cream keep its shape and not collapse.
How to make whipped <strong>cream</strong>