You will need
    • The cream fat content 30-33% - 200 grams
    • Powdered sugar – 3 tablespoons
    • Vanillin or vanilla sugar – 5 grams.
To make the cream well whipped, they must be pre-cooled. They must be fresh. Best to beat them on the ice or by placing the bowl in which the cream, in very cold water.
For whipping it is recommended to use a mixer with a stirrer in the form of a frame, but if not, then you can do this using a metal or wooden beater, this will of course be longer.
The cream put in a bowl for whipping and set the speed of the mixer on the lowest speed. Start whisking, then add the sugar and vanilla, whisking velocity should increase slightly. Do not overdo it and stop in time when there will be sustained peaks, the cream turned to butter as soon as the mass thickens, stop whisking.