You will need
    • cream 33%
    • gelatin
    • powdered sugar
    • nuts
    • chocolate
    • coffee
The cream of the cream.

One Cup of whipping cream pour into the bowl. In a deep pan on the bottom, place pieces of ice and put the bowl on the ice. Start whipping cream on low speed of mixer, gradually increase. Enter a thin stream into the cream ½ Cup powdered sugar. The cream does not flow from the blades of the mixer. Divide the custard cream into a wide glasses and immediately serve. Cream on top you can sprinkle grated chocolate.
Cream of cream and coffee.

Brew a partial Cup of black strong coffee. When coffee has cooled, soak it in 2 tsp gelatin. The swollen gelatin dissolve over low heat. Cool.
Whisk 250 g cold cream 33%, enter under the blades of the blender 2 tablespoons of sugar. When the cream thickens, pour them into cooled coffee with the gelatin. Stir. Use for layer cakes.
The hazelnut cream.

Soak 1 tablespoon gelatine in ½ Cup water for 30 minutes. Swollen gelatin dissolve in a saucepan on the fire, stir until it is all dissolved. Peeled walnuts or hazelnuts (100 g) fry in a dry pan. Pour into a bowl and grind in a blender. Pour in chopped nuts ½ litre of cream 33%, add 1 Cup of powdered sugar. Through a strainer, enter the dissolved gelatin. Whisk the resulting mass until it thickens. Place kremanku and put in the fridge.