You will need
    • 250 ml cream
    • 3-50 gr powdered sugar
    • 10 grams of vanilla.
When choosing a shop cream, pay attention to their fat from 33%. The lower the fat content, the texture of the cream more liquid and to obtain from them a good cream will be difficult.
Shortly before whipping, place the cream in the freezer – so your cream will become thicker, and the cream will vzbivayte better. Experts suggest cool tools and utensils that will come in handy for cooking cream.
Try replacing the sugar in the powder – it is easier to connect with cream, without weighing it down. And, adding the vanilla, check out if there are lumps.
Whipping cream should be at a slow speed. First, just whisk the cream. When the cream begins to rise, add the powder and vanillin. During cooking watch for spreading cream around the rim of the mixer in circles. As soon as these circles will become invisible, and the consistency will resemble airy clouds, aerosol whipped cream is ready. You can do an experiment: stick the tip of a knife whipped cream. A properly whipped cream , the hole is not delayed.
To make whipped cream longer kept, some Housewives add to gelatin, but for a more sweet taste – a bit of condensed milk, rum or liqueur. And from the cake with the same cream will not be any crumbs!
How to beat <b>cream</b> <strong>cream</strong>