When choosing the type of bar you need to remember that it must be a good try for height, so as not to Bang your head on the ceiling. The choice of the optimal height at which to hang a horizontal bar, depends on your height and the distance from floor to ceiling in the apartment. To hang the horizontal bar preferably to a height of 220 cm from the floor and if you have a lot of growth, then a little bend the leg during exercise. But in any case, better to leave the ceiling of 35-40 cm. This gap will keep the plaster on your ceiling intact. The length of the horizontal bar must be at least 1.5 m, in order to be able to catch different grip.
If you opted for wall-mounted horizontal bar, it is important to remember that the bar should be very firmly hold on and not fall on you during a workout. Select the bearing wall thickness not less than 15 cm horizontal Bar is better to fasten anchor bolts slip type (standard bar usually are included 8h60 or 10х80).
Alternatively, you can use the dowels. The holes for the dowels are best drilled at 60 mm. this will require a drill, the anchors and drill for work on concrete.
In both cases, it is necessary to consider the wall material, design of mounting, the value of the permissible load on the fasteners. These data should be read in the store when buying a bar or on the website of the manufacturer.
To ensure that the horizontal bar is firmly held, it is necessary to fix it correctly. Usually the design make so that the fasteners worked for a slicer or a pull-up bar was in the spacers.
When installing the horizontal bar there is the risk of getting drill in rebar. Don't push it, and try drilled in the same hole but slightly changing the angle in any of the parties and, thus, bypass the valve. You can try to use: hydraulic drill with a sharp Shiv in the mode of hammer drill. Thus it is possible to slowly drill through the rebar. If nothing helps, try to drill a new hole a little higher or lower.
The horizontal bar in the doorway is not very convenient. Will have to bend his legs, and the width of the grip cannot be changed. But if design features or repair of the apartment not allow to do otherwise, you can set the horizontal bar, which is screwed into the doorway. This option is the best fit for children.