Using bar you can pump all the muscles of the upper body – arms, neck, back, chest, press. Different exercises on the horizontal bar is designed to develop different muscle groups. One of the basic exercises, pull-UPS, intended for pumping of the muscles of the biceps, triceps and wide back muscles. However, pull-UPS have different embodiments.
Pull-UPS reverse grip increase the load on the biceps. The width of the grip should be medium or narrow. Be sure to monitor the mixing blades and shoulders. The wide grip pullups to the chest or head increase the burden on the broadest back muscles. The main thing when pulling is to do the movements smoothly, without jerks. Pull-UPS straight grip increase pressure on the deltoid muscles, especially in their front lobes. For better development of these muscles need to be tightened almost non-stop between them, trying to get the middle of your chest to the bar.
For the development of chest muscles is designed pushups on the bar. Make the bar rise a coup or the rise of the force and from the top position start to lower and raise the torso. The grip should be wide and the movement is slow and uniform. Inhale on the down, exhale lifting. Try to keep the balance. The same exercise performed in a narrow grip, well developed triceps and inner lobe of the pectoral muscles.
For the development of the press in vis on the bar raise straight legs up to the bar. For the development of the oblique abdominal muscles of the leg can be raised not only directly, but also the right and left shoulder. To burn fat, raise your legs at a 45 degree angle and try to carry them circular movements. Also for the training will be useful to abduction feet to the side, twisting the body in the vise on the bar. Last are exercises given the low load and is designed for untrained people.
To exercise relief of muscle do rifts. Pull up on the bar and in the upper position, straighten one arm, off to the side. Then straighten the other, smoothly rolling into position, lifting myself up. The same rifts you can do after lifting force, they are well pumped up triceps.
Do not underestimate the bar with muscle development. The classic wide grip pullups with weights or a pancake from a bar, suspended from the belt is a powerful exercise for increasing back muscles. It is hard to perform, but it is strongly recommended by many bodybuilders, who are in a crisis, when increasing the load does not give you more muscle.