Classic version – pin jumpers on a dowel, hammered over a doorway. It is on the dowel and not on the nail, whether it is huge the most durable. In addition, the doorway must not be gipsokartonovy, and shall have adequate width, allow the child to swing in different directions. There is another point, not very convenient in this case: sometimes the door opening has a sill that impedes the movement of the baby and increases the possibility of injury.
The second option jumpers hang on the hook intended for chandeliers. It is necessary to check the attachment strength, to again avoid an accident as the kid jumps in the jumpers with very decent power. The tried and tested way – dad, who check the reliability of its own weight. This method is remarkable in that it creates true freedom of movement, and the purpose of the jumpers that is.
The third option – fix jumpers on the bar sport wall. There are walls that keep driven into the wall and dowels, there are options on the struts from floor to ceiling. In any case, they are very reliable and will ensure the safe movement of baby.
Using the last idea, put in the apartment special mobile beam, metal or wood, on which to hang sturdy hooks. This design is convenient because if you want you can easily move the treadmill or, on the contrary, push it to the desired distance from the wall. Such a beam can be fastened subsequently, and baby swings, it is very convenient and most importantly – safely.
Secure the jumpers so that I was concerned with bent legs sex. Then he can straighten them, push off and jump. Tightly fasten all fasteners. Hands of the kid arrange on axillary cushions, this will reduce the load on the spine.