From a medical point of view, hovering on the bar helps in various diseases of the spine: scoliosis, osteochondrosis, incorrect posture and many others. These diseases often occur in people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Many people use visy on the bar as the prevention of such diseases, as well as in combination with other physical exercises to improve your posture.

How to hang

When you hover in the medical and preventive purposes it is important to do it correctly. First and foremost, people with a bad back and the elderly contraindicated abruptly jump up on the bar and jump from it. Necessary to pre-select the height of the projectile so that the student will be able to get the bar up outstretched hands, standing on tiptoe. In this case you have to hang onto the shell and gradually return to the starting position. Thus, the spine is freed from too harsh of stretching, loads and simani.

When you hover, grasp the bar straight grip. Hands should be shoulder width apart. Focus on your breathing, breathe only with your belly. Relax your arms, shoulders, neck, waist and legs. In no case do not throw back his head up – it is fraught with injuries of the cervical spine. But do not lower it down. If you hover there is a feeling of stretching of the spine, so everything runs correctly.

Many doctors recommend not just hanging on the bar, but to complement it with slow rotation of the hips around the axis in one and the other side smooth retraction of the legs forward, backward and sideways. It's good kneads the intervertebral cartilage.
Persons suffering from joint disease, you must consult a doctor. Otherwise load when you hover on the bar can aggravate the disease.

The practical use of hover

Hovering on the bar stretches the spine, which helps to increase the growth of teenagers and in some cases adults. It is experimentally proved that with the daily visy on the bar can grow 3-5 cm.

Athletes experiencing regular stress on the back muscles, the coaches suggest after training to perform visy on the bar. This simple exercise stretches and strengthens long and wide back muscles, relieves tension and helps relax them. The same purpose it is useful to hang those who feel fatigue in the back after a long sedentary work or physical fatigue.
If there is no bar either at home or at work or in the yard, hanging on everything they can grab. On doors, beam ceiling, on a rope, on a pole. The muscles of the hands to pump will be difficult, but the benefits the spine will be.

Another useful effect of hovering on the bar – a significant strengthening of the hands, their muscles and tendons. As a rule, people far from the sport, it is difficult to hang on the bar more than 1-2 minutes. After a month of regular classes this time increases to 5 minutes, significantly increases the force of the grip, and the familiar note that the handshake was iron.