You will need
  • Anchor (minimum 10 mm);
  • The mounting platform with a hook (if the pear is large);
  • Punch.
If the pear is small (weight less than 50 kg), it can be mounted in the ceiling powerful anchor bolt, and then to screw on it a hook on which to hang the bag. Anchor bolts are extremely reliable, unlike the anchors and similar fasteners. They practically do not loose, but if from long use, the mount has become less reliable, just a little tweak.
So, take a drill with a drill bit the right size (depends on the thickness of the anchor) and drill into the ceiling hole. Then paste the anchor bolt and tighten the nut until it stops. Make sure the anchor is securely held and not "goes" in the hole, if necessary tighten the nut yet. All mount ready, it remains only to screw the hook on the threads of the anchor and you can hang up a pear.
For mounting a heavy punching bag, there are special platforms that need to be fixed with four anchor bolts. They are sold in sporting goods stores, often packaged with pear. The platform is a square steel plate approximately 20x20 cm, with holes for fastening at the corners and a hook for hanging the pear in the middle.
To fix it, you first need to mark on the ceiling of the locations for drilling holes. Attach the platform to the ceiling, and mark the point with a pencil. Then a hammer drill according to the marking holes for anchor bolts.
Then re-attach the platform to the ceiling and align the mounting holes with the drilled holes on the ceiling. Can now insert and secure anchor. It is best to first insert one and tighten lightly, so as not fall out, and then also to secure the second, on the opposite corner of the platform. After that it will stay on the ceiling and not fall, and you can easily insert the remaining two anchor bolt and tighten them all. Before you hang the pear, make sure all bolts are tight and the mount is held securely.
If you don't want to spoil the appearance of the ceiling, you can hang the bag on a metal beam in the hallway. For this you need to fix the beam at a comfortable height for you. To strengthen better also on the anchor bolts, as in the operation of the pear and other types of fasteners can be loosened and to fall out.