Foil balloons are made from pieces of metalized Mylar film, coated with a colorful pattern or solid color coating, connecting them by heat welding. As Mylar film with the application of a metal very similar to foil, they are often called "foil", much less "mierovej" or "Mylar". Foil balloons are of the following types:

  1. Design – manufactured in the form of various stars, round, heart, Crescent, and solid film in bright colors. Some manufacturers cover them with holographic paint, giving a transfusion and sparking colors.
  2. Print – issued in the same forms, and decoration, but they are drawings or inscriptions on all festive occasions.
  3. Characters – solid, usually made in the form of numbers or Latin letters with a height of 80-90 cm.
  4. Figures – made in the form of animals and heroes of animated films and fairy tales, various items. Can be simple or three-dimensional.
  5. Walking shapes – inside them are special weights, do not allow them to fly. At the slightest draft figure moves across the floor, turns around, waves his arms, turns his head.

What and how to inflate a foil balloon?

Balls of small size are often filled with air, in this case, the ball is usually attached to the tube with the clamp. Volume is the size of 18 inches and more to fill up with helium. All the foil balls in the base, it has the intake (aka reverse) a valve through which it is inflated as air and helium.

To address the question how to inflate a foil balloon with air, you can use a hand pump, which has multiple nozzles and suitable for all types. If the pump is not at hand, can be inflated by mouth through a straw from a cocktail. In this case, gently insert the tube into the inlet towards the center of the ball, move it 5-10 centimeters inwards and to breathe out inside. If necessary, spread a foil ball or gently to push the tube a little deeper. After inflation you just need to pull out the tube, check valve immediately closes and the air is not released.

фольгированные шары

For filling foil balloons need helium portable tank helium nozzle on the cylinder and adaptors to inflate balls of this type. The lower, wider part of the nozzle screwed onto the bottle, then she screwed the adapter. This adapter is the tube that needs to act as if inflated with air. Preferably before the opening of the balloon to blow the balloon through the tube by air (just one breath to make sure that the air goes). Then you need to squeeze the neck of the bulb to the adapter, open the valve on the cylinder and begin to fill the sphere. First, it inflated quickly, but almost filled, helium, start feeding small portions to avoid the rush of the ball. When a foil balloon is fully inflated, the valve is completely wrapped, the ball is carefully removed from the adapter, tie with ribbon or seal with sealing machine.

Well-filled ball does not have to tie, as the check valve holds the filler inside. But that the ball did not fly away, its neck is tied a ribbon. If you tie the ribbon above the inlet, the tightness of the valve can be broken and the bulb will lose elasticity, so you can tie the braid you below the entrance hole. Balls without valve are sealed with a specialized device – auto sealing machine with the neck of the filled balloon is formed by two welds, located above the inlet. Then it binds the braid.

Life expectancy foil balloons

Their lifespan is between a few days to a month. Helium or air slowly escapes through the check valve or through the seams which join parts of the world.

In addition, the lifespan is influenced by environment: cold, heat, rain. Therefore, it is desirable not to expose the balls of large differential temperature, not use them in the rain or wind, and properly fill and tie them.

как надуть фольгированный шар

Second life foil balloons

To save money when holiday decoration you can reuse the used foil balls, but you need to properly and carefully release them from the air and store them unwrapped in a cool and dry place, paving between the paper.