You will need
  • balls;
  • - ribbon for decoration;
  • - the pump.
First of all, you need to buy balloons, ribbons for decoration and a small pump. Just be warned that the balls are better to buy in specialized stores, otherwise, the balls may simply not be suitable for modeling. Air balloons can vary in size (from five to twelve inches) and transparency. When purchasing wholesale you'll be able to stock up on balls for the decoration of any holiday, as in a pack of them usually hundreds. Color should be selected so that they corresponded to the idea of a holiday.
To with balls was convenient to work, you need to learn how to tie them correctly. Thread you do not need lace up is done directly from the bulb. Of course, have to spend a little time training, but in the future it will not take much time.
Inflating the balloon of the desired size, lightly to release the air out, then wrap the tail around the middle and index finger of one hand and index finger of the other to push the tip in created a loop, tightening the knot.
Now try to create some simple compositions for processing. Start with the flower. It can attach to the wall and used for decoration of Windows and stairs. Prepare four balls the size of nine inches and one to five (for parts of the flower). First, all the balls will have to inflate and tie, trying to keep the size of petals was the same. Then large balls are packaged two together in the normal host. Investing one pair of balls in the other and twisted them together, you will receive a calyx. Finish composition attachment midway. The resulting flower adorn ribbons, which can be further used for fasteners.
If the flower to complement another element of the four balls of a larger size, you get the song "Chandelier", which can be hung indoors from the ceiling and on the street. However, in the latter case, to weight composition small ball better be filled with water, otherwise, your clearance will be to fly.