Go to the reception to mammologist or oncologist, your doctor will examine your Breasts and prescribe tests for levels of hormones. You will also do an ultrasound or mammography, which will help to identify the nature of the seal. Cysts in Breasts are of average density, in contrast to other tumors, so the preliminary diagnosis, the doctor will announce after palpation.
Most commonly prescribed conservative treatment, which consists in the puncture of the mammary gland. Using a special needle you will make the puncture, then remove all the liquid, which consists of a cyst. After that enter the air, which will provoke the growth of healthy cells. Rehabilitation after the puncture is quick, painless and usually goes away without complications, unless, of course, comply with all recommendations of the doctor.
Surgical intervention is performed only in advanced stages of the disease, when conservative treatment does not bring a positive result. Removal of cysts of the operational method is performed under General anesthesia, rehabilitation takes much longer than when a puncture can occur as complications.
Take hormone treatment that you were prescribed by your doctor. If this is not done, the risk of recurrence of the cyst increases, especially with age.