A true cyst of the temporal lobe – congenital neoplasm. Secondary forms occur after surgical interventions, of meningitis, and agenesis of the corpus callosum and the Marfan syndrome is an autosomal dominant disease in which manifested hereditary pathology of the connective tissue.
The most common symptoms of arachnoid cysts of the temporal lobe do not exist. If the tumor rapidly increases in size, you may experience headache, nausea, vomiting, ataxia, mental disorders, convulsive syndrome. Traumatic rupture of a cyst of the temporal lobe leads to the formation of hygroma.
In magnetic resonance imaging, which, as a rule, were assigned a completely different reason, the detection of cysts of the temporal lobe is an unexpected finding.
Treatment of cysts of the temporal lobe is only when the manifestation of symptoms. If the patient did not bother, administered the survey in order to diagnose the growth of cysts.
Tumor be patients of fenestration or drainage by the method of needle aspiration.
Bypass surgery – an operation in which the contents of the cyst is removed using tubes with valve in abdominal cavity. In the skull do Presevo hole and install the valve system of silicone materials. Under the skin the tunnel is carried out with the catheter. The accuracy of the operation are controlled by high-tech devices.
Fenestration of cyst of the temporal lobe, excision of tumors endoscopic or laser method. The neurosurgeon conducting the operation must have the technique to perfection, to have a great experience.
Drainage of cysts of the temporal lobe by the method of needle aspiration is often used in newborns. The contents of the cyst the fluid is redistributed in the area of natural circulation. The cyst is released and absorbed. In rare cases, the tumor again filled and starts to increase.
Careful microsurgical intervention is the guarantee of quick recovery. The patient is discharged from the clinic in 2-4 weeks. The full recovery period takes about two months. Only the method of fenestration allows to hope that the cyst will not reappear. Needle aspiration and gastric bypass ways to quickly eliminate pathological symptoms, but do not guarantee that the tumor again filled.