One of the ways to get rid of cysts is to simply remove a bad tooth and it is good to clean the gums. It used to be and the only way. Now this is only a last resort. Today's clinic and remove the cyst and truncates the apex of the root without losing the tooth.
The therapeutic method, the patient tooth rassverlivajut to the base of the root, which enters the cyst. Good clean channel. Through this opening the pus is removed and injected into the cyst antimicrobial drug that promotes the growth of healthy bone tissue.
To cure a cyst at home by yourself is impossible. But you can ease the pain, which arise in the gums in the development of inflammatory processes. Relieve the pain and inhibit infection in the cyst tooth folk remedies.
Very efficient saline mouthwash. Boil water, let it cool to 40 degrees, add in a glass of water one tablespoon of salt. Collect this solution in your mouth and try to keep as long as possible. When this salt through the mucosa to enter the blood. It helps relieve pain, disinfection of the oral cavity.
Make decoctions of herbs chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus, sage (on one Cup of boiling water over 2 tablespoons of the collection), allow to stand for 15 minutes and warm broth rinse your mouth. This tool is more efficient because it soothes the pain, relieves inflammation and disinfects the mucous membranes. You need to rinse as often as possible, until complete remission of pain.
Rinse your mouth with an alcohol tinctures of these herbs. This is also a good method of anesthesia. You can still use alcohol tincture of horseradish. Grate the horseradish and fill it with vodka or alcohol (ratio 1:2), allow to stand for three days. First, try whether it would not be much to burn, so as not to damage the mucous membranes of the mouth.
Also from folk remedies use garlic. To do this, periodically RUB with the cut clove of garlic tooth. Or crush a clove of garlic and hold it in your mouth this slurry for 20 minutes, gradually dissolving. Phytoncides of garlic into the blood and will help to suppress the infection in the cyst.
Note that all people's ways are only able to slightly alleviate your suffering and cure the cyst can only be a good dentist.