Advice 1: How to be a good economist

Despite the constant talk about the glut of the market by financiers, representatives of the profession to this day are among the most popular and highly paid specialists. And professionals in this area is still lacking. How to become a good economist?
How to be a good economist
Higher education. Long gone are the days when economists were able to build a successful career only on the basis of secondary education. Today we need to finish school, and sometimes more than one.High interest in specialty spawned and highest offer: today, the economic Department is open every second University. However, not everywhere are preparing standing specialists. Many Universities that have received a license for training of economists based have almost no economic school: neither his teaching methods, no proper staff. As a result, the graduate receives a "crust" and a very vague idea about the profession. It is therefore particularly valued by graduates from leading Universities: Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation, Higher School of Economics, Moscow state University, Russian Economic University n. a. Plekhanov, the state University, MGIMO and others.
Practice, practice and more practice. The work experience increases the attractiveness in the eyes of the employer and the salary of a young specialist several times. Therefore, students-economists it makes sense to think about finding jobs on 3-4 course. This will allow you to gain invaluable experience and after graduation to become a specialist in demand.
Training and self-education. Various trainings, seminars, books and courses that can help in the work of the economist, these days countless. To pursue your education can and should regularly. Great career opportunity can open the MBA course, but this program is focused on specialists with higher education and at least three years of experience.
Useful advice
There are professions where it is possible to succeed through talent, personal relations, personal qualities, and a certain share of luck. To economists is irrelevant. In this field make a career on knowledge, skills and experience.

Advice 2 : How to get the economist

The crisis of overproduction of personnel in this specialty there is, and many universities even began to close the economic faculties or to drastically limit the enrollment. But to get a job as an economist is still possible, if constantly improve their professional level and not to regret time for searches.
How to get the economist
Make a good summary, which indicate your professional knowledge and skills, proficiency in PC and special software. In addition, the economist must understand labour and tax laws. The advantage is good knowledge of the English language.
If you have recently graduated, and still have no work experience, try to get in an institution. The salary you will be low, but you will gain the necessary skills for economic planning activities of the organization that, over time, will help you to get a more prestigious job.
If you after graduation for a long time not worked in the specialty, but circumstances forced you to look for a job economist, then maybe you too will be in the budget of the organization, but with a trial period, as you'll be a young professional, which this time, according to TC, have no right to install.
If you worked in a related specialty (accountant or accounting clerk), then first you will need to get higher education (in that case, if you are behind only the College or even courses). If you have higher education, you will have to undergo refresher courses. However, not every employer will take the ex-accountant for the position of "theoretician"-economist, so be prepared for possible failures and be patient.
To find a suitable job, you need to constantly review the information published in the media and spread online. If you have friends in the organization, which requires an economist, drop the false shame and try to get a job in their patronage.
Many organizations and companies do not publish job vacancies in this specialty, hoping it's well-established in other places of the employees whose activities are tracked by different methods. So, if you are already working as an economist, try to show their best side to get a high-paying job in another company.
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