What do you do in the enterprise economists

The main duty of the economist or in a separate economic group service professionals is to provide the most efficient operation of the enterprise. They analyze the economic activities of the company on the basis of statistical data and monitoring key financial indicators and its results develop and coordinate execution of planned tasks.

The planned objectives are developed taking into account the economic and financial Outlook, market conditions, the planned requirements of the company's products, and many other parameters that affect the end – increasing the efficiency of enterprises, improve the quality of its products and productivity.

Their duties modern economist just can't do without to organize the timely accounting of all financial-economic indicators of activity of the enterprise. Therefore, the maintenance of databases and monitoring changes are also a mandatory part of the work of the economist. This is the basis for the correct prediction and calculation of labour, material and financial resources required for full and successful activity of the enterprise.

What you need to know economist

To the financial and economic activity of the enterprise has always been in the legal field, the economist must know all applicable regulatory and legal acts of Federal and regional legislation regulating this activity. He also must learn and use in their professional teaching materials planning, accounting and analysis activities of the company.

The economist should be familiar with the methods and procedure of perspective and annual planning economic-financial and production activities of the enterprise, know the basics and the procedure for compiling business plans. For successful operation will require knowledge of the basics of planning and accounting documentation, procedure for valuation of material, labor and financial costs. He should be familiar with the methods that are used to determine the economic efficiency of introduction of new technologies, techniques and technology, rationalization proposals and inventions.

Economists need to learn and use modern methods of economic analysis and accounting performance of the company, effective labor organization. It needs to possess software that allows you to automated operational and statistical records, to know the procedure and timing of submission of economic reports.