The first thing important for a good seller, this samonastroj. First and foremost, it is important to tune in to confidence. You must be confident in your company and your product. To be sure, you need to be professional and know your product – its features, specifications, features, advantages, etc.
The second thing that is important to a successful seller is to be able to inspire confidence in the buyer. So you need to create a positive attitude – cheerful and friendly to each customer, a sincere desire to help. To inspire confidence in buyers, is also important a nice clean look to the seller. Also don't forget about the first impression is often decisive.
You know, what's the difference between good seller? It relates to the sale easy as for the game, and not just to their work. So let the selling of the product will become for you a game in which wins both you and your buyer.
Sales usually occur on such a scheme: beginning conversation (introduction) – identifying customer requirements – discussion – focus the buyer on the product is the result. At each of these stages, sales has its own nuances, let's look at the most basic.
The opening remarks. It is important a good start to the conversation. But it should not be aggressive entry like "did you need something?", which is most of the buyers only repels. Good seller and so different that he is a good psychologist and is able to find individual approach to each customer.
Tune in to the buyer, become more like him. Speak the language of the customer (e.g., emotionally or in business), adjust their speed and volume of speech, manner of talking in the conversation of the buyer. (In psychology this technique is called "mirroring"). But, of course, don't forget about the sense of proportion, not to overdo it!
What would be the entry? First, start with the greeting. Then you can offer your product, offer to demonstrate the product, or any other beginning (off the cuff). The main thing – to remove the barrier of estrangement and suspicion of the buyer, to create the conditions for the convergence in further dialogue.
The identification of needs. A good salesman should be able to listen and hear the customer. This means you need to be able to ask questions to identify the needs of buyers in a particular product.
It is believed that a good salesman must be first of all very sociable. This is true for small sales, where the seller says more actively offering the product. But in large sales, a good salesman can become even introvert, unless he knows how to talk the buyer and unobtrusively lead him to thoughts about the purchase.
Discussion needs. Once you have identified the need of the buyer, no need to impose your product! The desire to buy the item must come from the buyer, you can only help him. For this you need to help the buyer understand the need for the product and to convey the need to buy it. In other words, you need to create buyer motivation, but the buyer needs to think that the purchase of the product is its own decision.
So think of yourself as a consultant, or, as they say successful salespeople, "become friends with your client."
Focus customer attention on the product. Having identified the need (or creating motivation) of the buyer, suggest, that it is more most suitable. Well, if you give the buyer a choice. At this stage the sale is very useful the ability to persuade. Describe the benefits of your product, tell what it can be useful to the buyer or just an unobtrusive move the buyer needs to purchase.
Result. A good result is certainly selling the goods. But even more a good result is a happy buyer. First, a satisfied customer is the best advertisement your store (company, firm). Secondly, it can become your regular customer.
To be a good seller – a real talent, like art, but you can learn it!