A person who works directly in the field of Economics, can confidently say that it is the science that studies how society consumes certain resources. The philosopher will say that the economy is a certain psychology of people in the sphere of production. The housewife can safely answer that it is the science of proper management, and the student says it's a special part of human life. If you look in "Wikipedia", the economy is a set of various activities of the society and proper distribution, exchange and consumption of manufactured products.

Economy, as a phenomenon that occurred long ago, when there was no money or money systems. This is a moment when people were engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. In the first exchange of natural products between the people and the economy was born.

Talking about it always and everywhere, in the news, Newspapers, magazines and even movies, but whether it is human or without it, you can safely do?

Each person has a number of their particular needs. The most basic of these is food, drink, clothing. If you look further, there are families that want something or need something. Next, let's find that common needs have an even greater number of people, for example, cities need transportation, hospitals, medication, etc. now, with the help of the economy can meet all the above requirements. How?

Here is an example - a drug for hospitals to be purchased for money, but before that for the money you need to purchase the substance from which it is done the medicine. Raw materials for medicines, in turn, extracted from natural sources or by chemical means. All that's involved in the above series, called resources. These resources are limited, and that Economics can help to distribute them correctly to no suffering. From this we can conclude that economic science is necessary to humanity in order to make the right decisions about the use of those or other resources, in order to avoid those who suffer from the wrong distribution.