For registration of passports of citizens of the Russian Federation to prepare a set of documents. There are:- the application for a passport (can be printed from the official website of the Federal migration service);
- the passport of the citizen of Russia;
- receipt about payment of state duty (production of a passport of the old sample is 1000 rubles biometric passports - 2500 roubles);
photo (biometric passport - 2 PCs., for document of the old sample - 3).
- military ID card containing a record of completion of service or certificate from the military Commissariat (for men 18 - 27 years);
permission command, issued in the prescribed manner (only for members of the armed forces of the Russian Federation);
- a previously issued passport, if its validity has not expired.
With this kit you need to contact the district office of the Federal migration service. There an employee of the Department of registration passports will check the correctness of filling the application form and all required documents.
The passport will be ready in about a month after filing. In the holiday season - in spring and summer, production may be delayed due to the influx of visitors.
To issue the international passport through the Internet sign up on the website Registration takes place in three stages. First - letter with the confirmation of the created account comes e-mail. By clicking on the link, you can continue the procedure. Then, the registration request comes to the mobile phone. And only after that to the home address specified in the application form comes in an envelope with a description of further actions. Once the account is activated, you can send the application for passport.
The original documents required for registration of passportand still have to take the FMS personally. To stand in queues no need. The service officer will contact you, set a date and time for an audience.
A week after submitting original documents to the employee of the FMS, will be produced a new passport. To get it don't forget to take your passport with you civil.