You will need
  • Two copies of the completed application for a passport; the copy of the work book where all pages certified by the employer; (men, in addition to this, necessary a copy of the military card or registration certificate); the form of payment of the state fee; a photo of the required size; the document confirming the right to obtain a passport early.
The official time for the issuance of passports a month. However, in some cases state structures are ready to make an exception and give the precious document before. The time frame can be reduced and will range from two weeks to three days, depending on the reason for early getting passport.
You are eligible to apply for early getting passport in a few cases. First, it is travel abroad for treatment. In this case, a document is drawn up urgently, within three days. The same term will, if you prove to family circumstances, which you need in a short time to be in another country - for example, is the death of someone from relatives or illness, depriving him of independence, its transition to your dependents.
Emergency call you can make your overseas employer. To do this, he must send officially certified job offer (the so-called job offer), then you translate it into Russian language and confirmed the authenticity of the notary. The document States the period within which you have to be in another country workplace. In this case, the time when the document can be reduced to two weeks.
For a passport within two weeks can apply members of the military, peacekeeping and humanitarian missions. To do this, get help in the organization of travel, that you are a member of and a certain time needs to travel abroad for events.
There is also another way of early receipt of passport - refer to special organization dedicated to making these documents. But before you contact a particular company, read reviews about it on the Internet. Often in this field it is possible to meet scammers and stay without money and documents. Prices for passports through such organizations range from 6 to 40 thousand rubles.
Remember that ahead of time you can give only the passport of the old sample. The deadline for receipt of biometric passports cannot be reduced. In addition to the application for early receipt and the document proving the necessity of these actions, you are also required completed application for a passport of the old sample in duplicate. It can be downloaded from the website of the Federal migration service or take in the passport office. The statement may be handwritten, in block letters, in black ink, however, it is better to do it on the computer using Adobe Reader. Provide a copy of the work book, each page of which is certified by your current employers. Men must present a copy of military registration certificate or military ID. Passport of the old sample pre-prep photos. They can be colored or black and white, size 3,5x4,5 cm.