To register at the place of stay, you will need the consent of the owner of the apartment where you currently live. The two of you, getting a regular passport, a certificate of the dispensation of family composition and the number registered there, go to the nearest division of the Federal Migration service (FMS). If the owner of the apartment alone, the presence of other prescribed and their permission is required. If the housing is in shared ownership, to go with you to the FMS obligation to all the owners. This does not apply to the non-privatized apartments. It requires not only the consent and presence of all the prescription, but permission from the housing to the universe another tenant.
After receiving your registration you have two choices. The first is to order a passport through the Internet. The second is to apply directly to the FMS.
To order the registration of the passport for travel abroad via the Internet, register on the website of public services. Enter the current email address. There will be sent an email with a code and description for further process of creating an account. After receiving it, enter the code in the personal Cabinet on the website and specify the present mobile phone number. You will receive another password. Enter it in a special window and enter the address of the place of registration. After two or three weeks you will receive an envelope with an access code to the site. This is the final stage of verification, so you confirm the loyalty of all the information.
After receiving full access fill in the online application form for a passport. Attach photo 3.5 x 4.5 cm three weeks later, after checking all indicated in the profile information, you will be contacted by a representative of the Federal migration service and ask to come in the near future from the reception unit. If you ordered the registration of the document of the old sample, to obtain it can be immediately. And when applying for a biometric passport after the first visit will have to wait another three to five days.
If the first method is impossible, make a passport, applying directly to the territorial office of the FMS. To do this, come back with a set of documents, the list of which can be viewed on the website of the main Department of the Federal Migration service and the application for registration of the passport for travel abroad. Securities will, to send the check to the Federal security Service, and after its positive response will make the coveted document. This process usually takes a month. But in peak season - spring and summer - might need two.