Before you begin your search, collect all available information about whom you are looking. Only the name, patronymic and surname will not be enough. You need to know place of birth of the participant of war, the date of conscription and a military Commissariat, from which it recruited, as well as military rank, the number of APO. Do not interfere, and information about the parents, which are also mentioned in documents of the military personnel, their pre-war places of residence. The more fully will the collected information, the more likely it is to find a man missing in the Great Patriotic war.
In the omnibus database on the website of the Ministry of defense of the Russian "memorial" has collected information about all the soldiers who died or went missing. The search is on request. In addition to the surname name and patronymic name, you can enter even more data, narrowing the search scope – the year of birth and rank. The search result will be a list full of people wanted a warrior, which you can view scanned copies of the "Reports of irrecoverable losses" was the title of these magazines that has been missing and dead soldiers. Scan you can see the year and place of birth, the names and addresses of relatives with no time recorded dead or missing, the place of his death.
This website will allow you to have additional information that you can use to reference in the archives. If you become known data place the call, write in the "Book of memory" at the military Commissariat of the village or area where the person was drafted. To apply to the military Commissioner with a request to check the records of the deceased and missing military personnel of the red Army and fleet availability of information about your relative. What is the relationship and all your existing data on it. In response, you must send an official certificate with all the found information.
If your request comes a negative response, contact the Central archive of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation. It is located in the city of Podolsk , Moscow region. Write a letter with a request to provide all available information. If the answer is, continue the search in other archives. If the response will indicate the date and place of burial, precise in military registration and enlistment office at the place of recruitment, where is this town.
You will have to turn to international organizations and the archives of the FSB for further information if the answer to the query will indicate that your kin "Died in captivity". Having received the answer "Died of wounds" without specifying the place of burial, write to the archive military-medical documents Military-a medical Museum of the defense Ministry (191180, St. Petersburg, Lazaretny pereulok., 2).