Lost people are mostly located is a nice part of the statistics. Someone, someone in a month, others over the years. But there are those who do not return home ever, and about their relatives fate is anyone's guess.

Who are – "missing"

Despite the fact that the number of lost people in the hundreds of thousands, in Russia there is still no clear definition of who are "missing". While only there is an implicit definition that it is the people who disappeared suddenly under mysterious circumstances and without any apparent reason.

Experts who study this phenomenon, argue that the history of observations, we can conclude that the peak of missing people falls on the fall and spring. Traditionally, these times of the year are considered to be sometimes exacerbation of various mental diseases and problems in humans.

Reasons why people disappear, quite a lot – from voluntary to compulsory. E-it is usually referred to:
- household conflicts;
escape from debt;
- getting into slavery;
victims of crime;
- sect.

In the first case, escape from the boring wives, parents, children, relatives. Any conflicting, different things – it might be the reason that man turned and walked away. By the way, law enforcement officers, even if you find a missing person, do not have the right to inform relatives of his new address (of course, this does not apply to children).

In the second situation irresponsible citizens who receive loans in excess (whether from friends or banks) prefer to slowly disappear, considering that all debts is automatically written off.

Those who were enslaved, the situation is significantly more serious and worse. It is believed that 80% of lost adults – those who went to work. Typically, the scheme is quite simple: I went for the quick and easy money instantly to find a good place did not work, home empty-handed return ashamed. Somewhere to meet a "good man", who offers his help. For familiarity and employment offers to drink, and after the person is already on some factory in the mountains in slavery, absolutely no memory of how he got here.

Ladies often find themselves in sexual slavery. Their passports are confiscated mobile phones, locked in closets and basements, so to get out of the shot, and to contact relatives.

Of victims of crime, everything is clear. Met the rapist, a pathological murderer, a maniac, a sadist, etc. In most cases victims do not survive, and if found, then only body. There are also situations when the body detects quite late and immediately identify it fails, and the connection between was found dead and wanted is not visible.

People disappear-including because of illness, for example, if a person takes a nervous breakdown or exacerbation, in which he loses his memory.

Cultists also contribute to the statistics of missing people. Many leave the world in communities scattered in different parts of the country. Find the lost and return in this situation is quite problematic. After all, the sect – the organization closed.

Who often lost

If you look at the situation extensively, it seems that needs to disappear disadvantaged people who have regular problems in the family. Also the category lost and found can be attributed to hard workers. However, the statistics are inexorable: according to the reports in Russia every year vanish at least 5 officials of fairly high rank, and nearly 200 in the form of people, which include both military and law enforcement.

Another issue associated with the lost people, is the time of the search. Children start to search at once, which significantly increases the chances to find them in hot pursuit. But adults are starting to look for only 3 days, considering that this term is an adult, independent person, maybe somewhere to just relax. By law, looking for a missing person for 15 years, and then declare the victims.