To set up a signature in mail on Yandex, log on to the mailbox with your username. Click on the line link "setting" located in the upper right corner just under your email address. The page will be updated.
On the page, select "the sender" by clicking on the button or the line link. Page will again be updated. In the "Signature at the end of the letter," please enter the data you want. In the "Location of the signature when replying" mark with a marker the item you need: "Immediately after the response, or Bottom of all letters."
Apply the new settings by pressing the button "Save changes". Go back to the folder "Letters" by selecting the appropriate tab. As a check you can send a test email to your own email address.
To configure your signature on the Mail service, also sign in to your Inbox. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Settings" button. The page will be updated. Select from the available sections "letter Wizard".
On the updated page, enter information in the Caption field and set the marker in the "Include signature when replying and forwarding" or "Place signature above the quote". When you finish updating settings, click on the "Save" button located at the bottom of the page.
On mail Yahoo log into your Inbox and click on the line link Options. From the drop down menu select "mail Settings". After updating the page at the left side will be menu.
Select "Signature", using the drop-down list set to "Show text label". Field becomes available for data entry. Enter desired information and click Save.
By analogy with the described methods can be used to issue signature on virtually any mail service. The section titles and commands may be slightly different from each other, but you will easily be able to navigate their semantic value.