Advice 1: How to make an electronic signature

The development of electronic media allowed many actions to be performed remotely. To confirm his action officially, you can use an electronic signature.
How to make an electronic signature
In 2011 the Federal law "On electronic signature" was amended, primarily due to the relevance of this service. With the help of an electronic signature has the opportunity to carry out civil transactions, use of public services, to make any legal manipulations by means of Internet resources.

What is an electronic signature?

Electronic digital signature (EDS) is encrypted information used to identify natural or legal persons. A digital signature provides an integrity check of the document, and is also responsible for privacy. To forge an electronic signature is not possible since it is a complex sequence of symbols generated by encoding the information using a special program - a cryptographic service provider.

The types of EP

- simple signature, is created with the help of codes and passwords; used to identify the author of the document, it does not allow to check for any changes, which came into force after signing;

- enhanced unskilled, created using cryptographic tools, allows you to track changes made to a document;

- enhanced qualified, be registered with the state information systems; involves the registration of the certificate.

How to make digital signature

It is necessary to prepare a package of documents: an extract from the unified state register of legal entities of the Russian Federation, a copy of an extract from egrip, the documents proving the identity, copy of passport, SNILS.

Receiving the electronic signature will require the provision of original documents to the issuing authority, EDS.

For registration of digital signature the application is filed and the collected package of documents in the control centre in the region. Also, the certificate can be issued by contacting directly to the website of public services, where there is a section "certificate digital signature". Or to make a request for a single portal with EDS in the Russian Federation.
Upon completion of registration is issued a public key certificate and a private key for signing documents. To begin using electronic signatures to be installed special software on the computer that supports the format of the EDS.

The results of EDS is required to pay a certain amount, which should be clarified in the centre of issuing EDS, which are located closer to Your place of residence or work.


The owner of EDS gets the opportunity to hand over the tax reporting through the Internet, to participate in the electronic auction to use the services portal of Rosreestr, the register SP, work remotely, make transactions and to produce the document via the Internet.

Advice 2: How in Outlook to make a signature

Outlook is a web mail client and organizer from Microsoft Office to help users communicate with each other without downloading the mail in the browser. In the program you can add a signaturewhich will report some information about the user, or may contain contact information.
How in Outlook to make a signature
If you are using Microsoft Outlook 2003 in the main window menu select tools, then click Options. Open the "Messages" tab. In the appeared list the "compose in this message format" select the format of the message for which you want to use a signature.
In the "Signature" click on "Signature" and then "Create". Enter a name for the signature in the field "Enter a name for the new sample." Select the desired option under the "Select creation method". Click the "Next"button.
In the opened window with the field "signature Text" type or paste from the document text that you want to use as your signature. Font and paragraph format change by clicking on the button "Font" or "Paragraph" respectively. Click "done" after editing a signature.
Insert in Outlook 2003 drawing or layout. To do this, repeat all actions before the introduction of the text signature in the "signature Text". Click on the "Next" and then "Advanced". You will be warned that will open a program that is not part of MS Outlook.
Click "Yes". Expand in the opened window the menu "Insert" and select "picture". Click on the command "From file". Select the picture or logo. Additional, close the editor by pressing "Yes". Click "OK" to save the changes.
To make a signature in Microsoft Outlook 2007, create a new message and open the tab "Messages". Select "Insert" then "Signature" and click where it says "Signature". Click the button "Create" in the tab "Electronic signature". Enter the name of the signature. Click "OK".
Type your signature in the "Edit signature". Format the text and set the desired parameters using the selection buttons of style and formatting. Click OK after you finish creating the signature.
Insert the model or a picture in Outlook 2007. To do this, repeat the steps to save the signature. In the "label Text" click on "picture", select it and click "OK". Save the signatureby pressing "OK" again.
Modified or newly created signature does not appear in the open at the moment, the message.
Useful advice
Service Outlook to save the drawings supported formats .jpg, .bmp, .png and .gif.
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