Advice 1: How to make a signature in the bat

The program performs the function of Bat mail client to optimize e-mail. It also supports customization of elements such as adding a signature at the end of the letter.
How to make a signature in the bat
You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
Open the settings of e-mail messages in the program. Bat, then enter the signature text that should be added after the end of each letter. Do not use for typing too long messages, it is best to specify the necessary information about the sender, which was not included in the section information about you on the mail server. Please note that this action is not available for each version of the program.
If you want to add signature at the end of the letter and you can't do it in email Manager the Bat, do this by going to the mail server where you have registered your email Inbox, which now I use in the program the Bat. This action is also not possible for every case, it all depends on the rules of use of the resource. Also some of them support adding various attributes to text, but this is unlikely to be available for viewing in the mail client.
If you want to add a special element to the signature of the email message, do it in the text of the message, using different tags to work with the mail client. In this case, do not use for signature images of a large volume, since they often may not appear for the recipient.
After adding the signature to the end of the letter, perform a preview of an email message, send a message with the signatureYu, leading the line receiver.
If possible, examine her appearance in the Bat program, other e-mail managers and the server. Especially adding in the signature of the message texts of different colors, bevels, adding pictures and other media files, because in some cases, may reflect only their literal value. In any case, try to make the signature in the message short and noncommittal.
Useful advice
Do not add signature images, or other elements evident.

Advice 2: How to make a digital signature

The digital signature is the requisite of the document, making it possible to establish the presence of misrepresentation, as well as the identity of a given letter of a particular owner. To create electronic signatures use cryptographic transformation of information and the private key.
How to make a digital signature
Contact the certification authority to make a digital signature. It is useful when writing responsible electronic documents or for trading on the foreign exchange market. If you are a novice trader, you will certainly get the props, because electronic market for the future development of the international currency market. It will give you the opportunity to make a major transaction at a distance, because the signature is a guarantee that a fair deal lies with the person whose name and initials are listed in the document.
Find the above center in your area. This is a special institution which has the relevant license to issue digital signature.
To get it, send to the centre application form. After she will be accepted and processed, you will contact the employee center and will introduce you to the procedures to be applied for obtaining electronic signatures. All of the previously mentioned actions aimed solely at the confirmation of the authenticity provided by you in the application documents. To minimize their actions, make a color-scanned copy of your identity papers.
Get two digital keys – public and private, as well as a certificate in the certifying centre. The certificate will be given to you in two forms – electronic and paper. E-to be certified by the electronic digital signature of the certification authority.
In order for a digital signature is useful to you, install on your computer the appropriate software, you can also ask to the certification center. You can install yourself, and can invite experts. After the installation, you can use your digital signature.

Advice 3: What signature to put in the email

Create e - mail case, though simple, but important. After all, by its name and signature, the people will make the first impression. Want it to be positive? Follow the simple tips.
What signature to put in the email

Why you need a signature

At first glance it may seem that the signature to the letter is a waste of time and traffic. From whom came the mail your recipient will see, even without looking at the letter – mail programs today are arranged so that automatically displays the subject and sender. It seems easier already. But no need to save the impression about yourself. The signature is not in order to remind who the author is, it makes the message more complete and puts an elegant point. In real life, people shake hands, when to emails the signature will be a kind of calling card.

I write to you...

What to write in the signature? Of course, for different cases the signature may be different. If you use email to communicate with friends or some serious correspondence in the signature you can put your favorite quote, aphorism or wishing you a good day and excellent mood. If the correspondence is meant strictly business, it is best to limit simple business card with name, position, company name and telephone. For example:
Ivanova Marina
Sales Manager, OOO "Romashka"
Optionally, you can add other contact details or the address of the working website. By the way, email programs today allow you to create several different signatures and choose them depending on your preferences.

Common mistakes in captions

Remember the basic rule – do not overload your card with unnecessary information. To indicate the end of each letter five urban and three mobile phones, Fax, e-mail, Skype, ICQ and addresses in social networks there is absolutely no need. Remember that to communicate with you the recipient already has all the same email, so phone as an alternative, would be sufficient.
Don't be afraid to experiment with color and selection to your email signature. But here it is necessary to comply with the measure and highlight only the most important. How do you think what information you want to remember your friend in the first place? That's right – your name. So do more marked.
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