You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
Open the settings of e-mail messages in the program. Bat, then enter the signature text that should be added after the end of each letter. Do not use for typing too long messages, it is best to specify the necessary information about the sender, which was not included in the section information about you on the mail server. Please note that this action is not available for each version of the program.
If you want to add signature at the end of the letter and you can't do it in email Manager the Bat, do this by going to the mail server where you have registered your email Inbox, which now I use in the program the Bat. This action is also not possible for every case, it all depends on the rules of use of the resource. Also some of them support adding various attributes to text, but this is unlikely to be available for viewing in the mail client.
If you want to add a special element to the signature of the email message, do it in the text of the message, using different tags to work with the mail client. In this case, do not use for signature images of a large volume, since they often may not appear for the recipient.
After adding the signature to the end of the letter, perform a preview of an email message, send a message with the signatureYu, leading the line receiver.
If possible, examine her appearance in the Bat program, other e-mail managers and the server. Especially adding in the signature of the message texts of different colors, bevels, adding pictures and other media files, because in some cases, may reflect only their literal value. In any case, try to make the signature in the message short and noncommittal.