Contact the certification authority to make a digital signature. It is useful when writing responsible electronic documents or for trading on the foreign exchange market. If you are a novice trader, you will certainly get the props, because electronic market for the future development of the international currency market. It will give you the opportunity to make a major transaction at a distance, because the signature is a guarantee that a fair deal lies with the person whose name and initials are listed in the document.
Find the above center in your area. This is a special institution which has the relevant license to issue digital signature.
To get it, send to the centre application form. After she will be accepted and processed, you will contact the employee center and will introduce you to the procedures to be applied for obtaining electronic signatures. All of the previously mentioned actions aimed solely at the confirmation of the authenticity provided by you in the application documents. To minimize their actions, make a color-scanned copy of your identity papers.
Get two digital keys – public and private, as well as a certificate in the certifying centre. The certificate will be given to you in two forms – electronic and paper. E-to be certified by the electronic digital signature of the certification authority.
In order for a digital signature is useful to you, install on your computer the appropriate software, you can also ask to the certification center. You can install yourself, and can invite experts. After the installation, you can use your digital signature.