Jump height of the involved calf muscles, thighs and back. Right when you jump the grouping of the body, which involves these types of muscles will achieve in the literal sense.
For the development of selected muscle groups need to lose weight, eat healthy foods and perform exercises. Do loads to get rid of body fat and increase muscle mass for better coordination. To do this, swing the lower and upper abs and oblique muscles. Lie on a hard surface, fix the feet so they did not rise, his hands squeeze at the elbow and lay over the neck and do the first 10 exercises in the left – touching the tip of the left elbow, the tip of the big toe of the right foot, then 10 exercises to touch right elbow to left leg.
Pull up and exercise. You can first do push-UPS on the palms, then fists, if possible. Eventually move on to push-UPS with one hand when the other laid back. It will quickly pump up the triceps. Chin-UPS and push-UPS do a little in several approaches, gradually increasing the load.
To pump up thighs using squats with a barbell. Here it is necessary to consult with a fitness trainer in the gym to adequately calculate the weight of loads on your body.
The development of the caviar muscles the hardest. But to train them and is possible to pump very often, as they quickly regenerate itself from stress. To inflate, usually raise the toe of the feet with the cargo.
Just Jogging or jumping rope will also help to develop rather jump in height.