Train your calf muscles by various exercises. What caviar are mainly responsible for how high you jump out up. Jump rope on both feet, on one foot (at a time), run on the spot. These exercises are performed in 3-5 minutes. Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. Rise up on toes, return to starting position. Elevate 45 to 60 times. For best results, do the exercise with extra load, for example, with a thick book on the head. In the gym squat with a barbell on the shoulders.
Use a special set of exercises to increase jumping program Air Alert. It is designed for twelve weeks of continuous training. If you seriously feel about doing these exercises and pass the full course, you will be able to increase the jump height more than 20 inches.
Perform a high jump. Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. Just sit down, and then jump up high as you can. Try to jump very fast, the time spent on earth should be minimal and equal to fractions of a second. From the same starting position, jump with straight legs, without bending them at the knees, also with high speed. The time interval between sets should not exceed 3 minutes.
Sit down, while sitting on the toes, heel raised, his back should be straight (perpendicular to the floor) and hips parallel to it. Jumping in a full squat to a height of 10-15 centimeters. For balance unable to get the ball. Exercise puts a lot of stress on the muscles, so it should be performed once a week.
At the time of the course exercises Air Alert provide yourself good nutrition and healthy sleep. Your daily diet should include foods rich in protein, calcium, and be sure to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Eat for an hour or two before exercise and do not overeat even in rest days.