In order to successfully perform flips, you need to have a flexible and trained body. So before you begin this trick, experts advise to strengthen the muscles through traditional sports such as gymnastics or swimming.
Once the muscles will attain the right tone, you can start to learn to tumble. But not in the air, and first on the Mat. This is necessary in order to allow the body to remember the mechanism of action, as well as the necessary groups of muscles sufficiently warmed up.
In order to make a proper roll is essential to keep your feet together, hands put forward, bend the head to the neck and do a forward roll. Do this exercise smoothly, without jerks, otherwise can stretch the ligaments or damage the vertebrae.
After a forward roll you will turn out without a hitch, you can try to tumble in the air. It is necessary to take a few mats, put them on top of each other, and follow the following algorithm: run, jump in front of the Mat and make the now familiar roll forward, but only in the air. Try to keep the landing occurred on the feet.
Flip is a complex exercise, make it the first time is virtually impossible. The more you practice, the sooner you will learn how to cluster and to shift the center of gravity to flip was perfect!
If during exercise you experience any difficulties, you can turn to professional coaches for gymnastics or parkour - they will help you see mistakes and give recommendations on how to learn how to perform this trick yourself!