First practice to perform two exercises:- Slightly bent, jump up and fully straighten the body and stretch the arms up; Again, jump up, but with the group immediately after the push legs push the knees closer to the shoulders, and just before landing, lower the legs.
With practice jumping, move on to learning flips back. First, stand in initial position: slightly bent, bend your knees (only slightly), lower your arms slightly and bring them back.
As much as possible push off from the floor, and also simultaneously make a powerful stroke with my hands up (this is the most important moment in the performance of the reception). Immediately after push the legs straighten with your hands. Although you straighten up you get only for a moment.
Right after completing the above steps, you can easily take a back. For this you will need to regroup: bent leg press to the body and hold their hands. Eyes don't close – you have to control your position in space.
If you look directly in the center of himself, that during a revolution you need to start doing the Ungroup when you see Paul, in that moment perpendicular to your look. So, press from the chest and legs, then slightly bending them, landing directly on your toes. Keep your balance. To prevent damage to the joints do not land on straightened legs.
That's all the instruction. Don't be afraid to flip back. Let the first instinct of preservation and takes over you up and overpower yourself. And then it will be easier once you understand what to do flip ago not scary.