To start training always need stretching to prepare muscles for exertion. Within five minutes jump rope, run or jog on the spot. In the process of stretching make sure to stretch your joints and muscles, trying not to miss anything, to prevent injuries.
Well stretched out, begin to jump vertically on one leg, holding the leg to the breast at the time of the jump. Do the ten jumps, then rest and repeat the jumps. The whole exercise consists of five sets of ten jumps each leg.
Another exercise to increase the length and height of jump is called a "Frog." To run it do a full squat and try to jump forward as far as possible. The exercise consists of four sets of fifteen jumps each.
Then perform the exercise on acceleration - make the acceleration to 50 meters ten times in a row, resting between sets of 20-30 seconds. You can also make the acceleration to 30 meters 15 times in a row.
Do speed jumping up at the expense of calf muscles. Within a minute jump as fast as you can on one leg, then change legs and jump on the other foot for one minute. Repeat on each leg three times. Bounce to a height of 10 cm.
Follow eighty jumps up and against the point of the jump to the chest with both feet. Divide the jumps for four series, between which arrange a small vacation.
Stand with your back to the wall and put behind a basketball. Bend your knees 90 degrees, squatting, hold the ball between your back and the wall. In the sitting position keep the ball for 10 minutes, then relax. Repeat five times.
Doing these exercises four times a week, gradually increasing the load you increase the height of their vertical jumps.