In the acidity of the stomach is very important to follow a diet which will significantly ease the condition and prevent complications. Soups from cereals (rice, barley, semolina) envelop the stomach wall and, thus, do not allow the acid to corrode them. Eventually the pain in the stomach this diet is practically impossible.
Will be useful, and dishes prepared on pair. If we are talking about meat, it should not be greasy. And if it is vegetables, then eat them mashed better. Porridge and omelettes are also useful. Don't be afraid to add milk, it reduces the acidity in the stomach.
From beverages preferably green tea and all kinds of jelly. Great alkaline water reduces acidity.
If only one diet you cannot get rid of high stomach acidity, you can use folk remedies. Fresh potato juice and cabbage juice cabbage perfectly cope with this task, but they should take before meals. No less effective and egg protein, just remember to chill it before use. Herbal teas also can reduce acidity, but only slightly, but the really effective remedy is a decoction of rose hips and sea buckthorn.
Some people suffering from acidity of stomach, heartburn quenched with a solution of baking soda. This method is good, though, but only for a short time. Half an hour later, the heartburn usually comes back. Why not give preference to the soda, and warm honey water (teaspoon of honey in a glass). It is much more efficient and tastier.
If home remedies were powerless in the struggle with acidity, remains nothing, except how to resort to medication. In such situations, doctors usually prescribe antacids (Almagel", "Gastal", "Maalox", "Rennie" and others). Only this is a temporary measure that would remove the consequence, but will not save you from causing increased stomach acidity. Therefore, it is better not to self-medicate but to consult a specialist for examination and appointment therapy.