Make an appointment with a gastroenterologist. You will conduct a comprehensive examination, the results of which will establish the diagnosis. In some cases, heartburn occurs when gastric, ulcer and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. For this reason, it is impossible to self-medicate until you remove the symptoms, the disease start to progress.
Take all prescribed medications and follow a certain diet. Usually improvements are observed after a few weeks after the start of therapy. But it is important to follow all the recommendations, and not selectively.
If you are unable for some reason to go to a doctor and buy drugs that reduce the acidity in the stomach. For example, "Omeprazole" or "Famotidine" - these pills have medicinal properties, and not just relieve symptoms as a "Rennie" or "Gastal". Of course, to accept them without purpose is not recommended, but it's still a better option than drinking soda.
After a meal take digestive drugs, in addition to heartburn , there is a heaviness in the stomach. In some cases, the acidity appears when you slow digestion, and so this will help to avoid it.
Buy flax seed. Steep a tablespoon in a Cup of boiling water. Take 100 ml before meals. The broth has a shielding property, so it helps even in the treatment of peptic ulcer disease. Also heartburn is recommended to drink jelly from potato or corn starch, no sugar.
Completely eliminate from the diet of sour, pickled, smoked, fatty, fried and other "harmful" products. Eat easily digestible foods such as soups, boiled vegetables, ground meat. Subject to the recommendations of the gastroenterologist and the diet, you get rid of heartburn forever. Do not forget to take control in the hospital if you recommended it.