You will need
  • - mineral water;
  • - raw potatoes;
  • - wild rose;
  • - sea buckthorn;
  • - plum;
  • - med;
  • - soda.
Lowers the acidity of freshly squeezed potato juice. Drink it, of course, unpleasant. But it not only will eliminate the burning sensation in the stomach, but will also help in the treatment of gastritis. Grate a few potatoes, press with the resulting mass juice and take 4 times a day for 50 ml. the treatment Course is 4-5 weeks.
To cope with the increased acidityYu will help mineral water, but it must be therapeutic. Take 50 ml of water before meals. If you have raised the acidity, then drink another glass of mineral water. The treatment course is long, about 1-2 months, then need a break.
Steep 2 tablespoons of berries of wild rose or sea buckthorn in a Cup of boiling water. Take 100 ml 4 times a day. But the sugar in the drink do not place, otherwise it will be the opposite effect - the acidity will increase. Can use honey as a sweetener, incidentally, he also contributes to the treatment of gastritis with high acidityYu.
Plum lowers acidity. Buy a few pounds of these fruits and eat every day 100-200, the Course of treatment about 1 month. Can squeeze out of plums juice or buy ready, but preferably one that is designed for baby food.
If you need to quickly reduce acidity, dissolve a little soda in a glass of water. But this way is better not overdo it, otherwise you will only aggravate your condition.
Contact your gastroenterologist. The doctor will prescribe drugs that will cope with your disease. But you will have to pass at first examination to make an accurate diagnosis, because heartburn can appear for different reasons. Sometimes to get rid of it, is sufficient to cure the ulcer or gastritis.
And don't forget to watch your diet, it must be rational. Try not to eat fatty foods, especially avoid eating pickled vegetables. Then the acidity will rise much less.