Advice 1: How to reduce stomach volume

People who have a large volume of the stomach, is exposed to a high degree of obesity with all the ensuing consequences (diseases). It does not always reduce the volume of the stomach can only surgery. There are a few natural ways to resolve this issue.
How to reduce stomach volume
If you want to reduce the size of the stomach, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the amount of food consumed. The more you eat, the more stomach. Therefore, if the time eating less than three hours, instead of eating better, drink a glass of water or Cup of green tea.
Try to gradually reduce the amount of food consumed at one time. Let the Breakfast will consist not of the first, second, cups of coffee, greasy muffins, and servings of porridge. Gradually, the stomach will adjust the amount of food that it receives. The wall will be reduced, reducing the volume of the digestive organ.
When the stomach is reduced, especially careful to monitor the size of consumed meals. Avoid overeating and do not let yourself descent, even during long feasts. As soon as the stomach will receive a greater volume of food, he will again begin to stretch and readjust to the new volumes.
Eat with a teaspoon, this will make it easier to chew and grind food. Liquid food stomach digest it faster, and it won't be for a long time to stay in it, and hence the reduction of the stomach will pass quickly and without consequences.
In conclusion, it should be noted that to reduce the volume of the stomach and helps the food culture. Dine and eat Breakfast in the kitchen do not turn on the TV, computer or radio in order not to distract from the taste sensations. So you can concentrate on the food, and any dish will get a new taste that you have probably not experienced before. Consequently, the process of eating will be a real self-organization.Data simple methods will help natural way to reduce the size of the stomach. They do not have negative consequences for human health, but it will help to put in order the figure, improve your own willpower and buy a sense of purpose and confidence.

Advice 2 : Diet "5 tablespoons"

This diet is a good method to lose weight. This process occurs by limiting a certain food, which is eaten at a time.
Diet "5 tablespoons"

This diet is aimed at weight reduction, not for nothing so called because one piece should be exactly 5 tablespoons. To speed up metabolism you need to eat frequently and small portions 4-5 times. Getting at one time the volume of food that does not exceed two hundred grams, the body changes and the stomach is reduced in volume. 150 grams – so many people need to reduce weight.

This diet in its structure, changes the physiology of the digestive tract, reducing distended stomach to its normal size. The result is that losing weight normalizes appetite, extreme hunger will not be felt, as always, and the volume of used products retain a feeling of satiety for a long time. This system is in compliance is very simple, because the volume of food taken should not be more than five tablespoons. What kind of food is each person's decision.

Diet menu:

• The volume of used products – unlimited.

• Scope of products – 5 tablespoons.

• Type of dishes is diverse.

• Break – not less than 3 hours.

• Liquid up to two liters per day.

• Tea, coffee, juice – no sugar.

• Eliminate sweet carbonated water and juices.

• Meat eating is permissible.

• Raw fruits and vegetables required, but you need to weigh before use.

• Reduce salt content in food, it increases appetite.

• Food does not need to drink because the eaten portion will be more specified rules.

On this simple diet, the results will be visible very quickly, 5-day compliance with all the principles will perceive the new way of eating, and in a week you will lose weight almost 8 pounds! This diet is very useful as you can stick to it for an unlimited period of time. Women who have used this method of food, spoke of her very positive, they were not feeling hungry, weight not stood still, it was not unpleasant situations to the organism.

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