Advice 1: How to reduce stomach volume

People who have a large volume of the stomach, is exposed to a high degree of obesity with all the ensuing consequences (diseases). It does not always reduce the volume of the stomach can only surgery. There are a few natural ways to resolve this issue.
How to reduce stomach volume
If you want to reduce the size of the stomach, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the amount of food consumed. The more you eat, the more stomach. Therefore, if the time eating less than three hours, instead of eating better, drink a glass of water or Cup of green tea.
Try to gradually reduce the amount of food consumed at one time. Let the Breakfast will consist not of the first, second, cups of coffee, greasy muffins, and servings of porridge. Gradually, the stomach will adjust the amount of food that it receives. The wall will be reduced, reducing the volume of the digestive organ.
When the stomach is reduced, especially careful to monitor the size of consumed meals. Avoid overeating and do not let yourself descent, even during long feasts. As soon as the stomach will receive a greater volume of food, he will again begin to stretch and readjust to the new volumes.
Eat with a teaspoon, this will make it easier to chew and grind food. Liquid food stomach digest it faster, and it won't be for a long time to stay in it, and hence the reduction of the stomach will pass quickly and without consequences.
In conclusion, it should be noted that to reduce the volume of the stomach and helps the food culture. Dine and eat Breakfast in the kitchen do not turn on the TV, computer or radio in order not to distract from the taste sensations. So you can concentrate on the food, and any dish will get a new taste that you have probably not experienced before. Consequently, the process of eating will be a real self-organization.Data simple methods will help natural way to reduce the size of the stomach. They do not have negative consequences for human health, but it will help to put in order the figure, improve your own willpower and buy a sense of purpose and confidence.

Advice 2: The size of the human stomach

The stomach is an expanded section of the digestive canal, having recontouring form and is located between the esophagus and the duodenum on the left side of the abdomen under the diaphragm. Depending on the degree of filling.
The size of the human stomach

What is the size and shape of the stomach

The shape and size of the stomach is constantly changing depending on the amount of food eaten, the provisions of the human body. In addition, the shape of the stomach depends on the type of build. So, people brachymorphic type of physique the stomach is shaped like a horn and is situated almost transversely. People dolichomorphic type stomach resembles an elongated stocking, located almost vertically down and curving sharply to the right. Finally, if the type of mesomorphic physique, the stomach has the shape of a hook: its long axis is directed from top to bottom and left to right.

Length of an empty stomach in an adult is 18-20 cm, width 7-8 cm With moderate filling of the length of the body reaches 24-26 cm and a width of 10-12 cm is the Capacity of the stomach ranges from 1.5 to 4 liters.
Filled the stomach hinders and slows down digestion, so better to eat regularly in small portions.

What happens to food in the stomach

Food is crushed in the mouth and saturated with saliva, is retained in the stomach up to 4-6 hours. In this food mass is mixed and digested: the outer surface of the lumps of food is exposed to gastric juice, and the inside continues the action of saliva. Gradually food a lump disintegrates and turns into a slurry that has the whole is processed by the gastric juices. Gastric juice contains hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes – pepsin, lipase. While the mucous glands secrete mucus that protects the stomach wall from the action of hydrochloric acid and irritating substances used for food. Absorbed in the stomach sugar, salt, water and alcohol.
Hydrochloric acid not only neutralizes penetrated with food microbes, but also creates the necessary environment for the pepsin – protein-digesting enzyme.

Where is the human stomach

The stomach is located in the upper part of the abdomen. With moderate filling three quarters of it lie in the left subcostal region, one quarter in adorable. When breath stomach may shift depending on the filling of the neighboring hollow organs, for example the transverse colon. Least movable input and output parts of the organ. Fixation of the stomach is provided by special folds of the peritoneum – ligaments: hepatic-gastric, gastro-colonic and gastro-splenic, gastro-phrenic, diaphragmatic-esophageal, privratnikovogo-pancreatic, stomach and pancreas.

Advice 3: How to help stomach to digest food

After a meal should be felt fullness and however ease. However, often there is an unpleasant taste in the mouth, discomfort, hiccups, belching, thirsty. This suggests that the stomach is unable to fully cope with the digestion of food. What to do in this case?
How to help stomach to digest food

Dyspepsia or lack of enzymes

The inability to digest food is scientifically called dyspepsia. This means that the stomach produces inadequate amounts of the enzyme pepsin. Dyspepsia is a complex disease. It is accompanied by heaviness in the abdomen and upper divisions. The disease is also called "lazy stomach". The body responsible for digestion, refuses to shrink. This causes difficulty in digesting food, which leads to unpleasant symptoms: bloating, nausea, heaviness. At this disease saturation in the course of the meal comes very quickly.

The causes of dyspepsia still remain unidentified. As practice shows, neuralgia of the stomach may develop even those who are completely devoid of bad habits. Still, the disease occurs more often in those who abuse tobacco and drugs.

Treatment of dyspepsia

If the disease occurs in severe form, the treatment must appoint a physician. Commonly prescribed enzyme preparations that activates the activity of the stomach. From the diet must be completely eliminated foods that cause dyspepsia.

Popular treatment homeopathic remedies. To minimize the "lazy stomach" in the initial stage, you need to chew the food well. This is especially recommended for children as they are often in a hurry while eating. To be eaten in small portions several times a day. It is advisable to do this at the same time − so the stomach is ready for work at certain hours.

You must keep a balanced diet: limit consumption of animal fats, chocolate and sweets and fizzy drinks. In order to prevent the development of putrefactive dyspepsia is recommended to eat two hours before bedtime.

Often eat dishes, which include ginger − it improves digestion. No wonder ginger is recommended for pregnant women with toxicosis − it quickly relieves discomfort. Such spices as cinnamon and fennel also make the gastric juice is actively produced. Just pour the spices with water, boil and drink a tablespoon before eating.

Food hygiene

There are certain rules that can help get rid of the "lazy stomach". First, stop snacking on the go. Discard the sandwiches, prepared foods, fast food. They contain a large amount of fat which gastrointestinal tract is unable to digest.

Second, sit down at a table just in a good mood. With the predominance of negative emotions reduces the production of gastric juice. During the meal don't need to read Newspapers and watch TV.

Third, do not overload the stomach abundant portions of food. Overeating greatly inhibits the process of digestion. Take frequent fasting days, giving the stomach rest at least two times a week. These days the diet should consist of low fat cottage cheese, vegetables and baked potatoes.

Advice 4: Exercises to reduce stomach volume

To combat excess weight doesn't always need a strict diet. It is sometimes sufficient to simply reduce the amount of food and to perform regular exercises to reduce the stomach.
Exercises to reduce stomach volume

Big stomach

Exercises to reduce stomach volume will help reduce the appetite. It is known that the size of the stomach depends on the amount of food consumed, if a person overeats, the stomach, experiencing constant overflow, stretched over time, getting bigger and losing their shape. This leads to undesirable consequences, and sometimes significant health problems.

The stomach stretches, and the man harder to regulate your hunger, it leads to frequent overeating, which contributes to the appearance of extra weight, which is a major cause of health problems. A vicious circle. In such a situation can help a special diet and set of exercises for reducing stomach volume.

A set of exercises

This method of healing came from China, also widely used in yoga. These exercises help to significantly reduce the volume and bring the stomach back in order. Their regular a positive effect on the condition of the abdominal muscles and strengthens the press, the belly becomes more flat. You need to start with easy exercises, gradually complicating them.
If you have problems with a backbone it is better to abandon such techniques.

The basis of the complex is diaphragmatic breathing, it is performed lying down. To perform this exercise, lie down on a hard surface: back pressed to the floor and your legs bent at the knees. Slowly inhaling maximally involve the stomach, and then exhale slowly, not relaxing the abdominal muscles. It is necessary to perform 10-15 times.

The second exercise you need to perform while sitting, the back should be smooth. You need to perform a multi-stage breathing, alternately breathing in and out through my mouth and nose.

The third exercise is a retraction and adoption of postures, called "plank". You need to take emphasis on your palms and toes, the whole body should form a straight line, you cannot bend your back or to raise the pelvis. Take 10 breaths, as slowly as possible, then the same, but quick in multistage. This is called breathing "dog."
We must note that these exercises should not do on a full stomach.

Then you need to perform the twist. For this exercise, you must take the position of first exercise, then lying down to inhale as much air as possible and exhale, after holding your stomach in and stretch the shoulders to the pelvis, holding hands behind his head. It is in any case can not rotate the body. By adopting such a posture, it is necessary to dwell for 5 seconds, executes 10 times.
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