You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
If the summary stored in the database, the work is not free to read it, need to log into your user account on this website. Often user authentication is done through username and password.
It is easiest if you remember the username and password. In this case, you will be able without any problems to access your account and check all resume stored in there (best if you are applying for different positions, to have in its Arsenal a separate summary, tailored to the specifics of each of these positions), and if necessary make corrections.
Often, especially if you have not came in your account, when you can't remember your login and/or password. Usually on these sites there is a function of the password (usually the link "Forgot your password?" "Remind password" or other similar meaning). Identification of the user who has forgotten a username or password depends on the specific site.
The easiest option - your email address entered during the registration, send the old password, a new (often temporary) password or link to change it.
The system can also request for example, the answer to the secret question.
After repair or replacement password in accordance with the instructions of the system you will get access to your account and the ability to check summary and edit it with all your career change.
It is helpful to check the impact of your summaryplaced in the public domain. For this you need to use the interface of the site to find work where it is intended for employers. In the search section, open the employees your industry, and then the position you are applying for, and find their summary and other applicants for similar jobs.
This search is useful because it allows you not only to see what appears in your summary to the employer, but also to understand, as you look at the background of competitors. All this may be cause for additional adjustments in the summary with a view to its improvement.