Marvelous deeds of our Lord. Someone gets wealth and fame, someone who leads a miserable existence in the sorrows, grief and hardships, wondering why and for what befell him all this suffering. And it is precisely in the suffering, they are not accidental. God distributes them as lessons to work, in order that every man, every son of God, did the will of his father and thereby "earn" their salvation in the Kingdom of another.
The burden of their need to carry with humility, obedience to God, knowing that the burden is imposed by the Heavenly Father. If the soul has sins, that sufferings are the punishment for them. If the person is innocent, then sent sorrow just prepare to bliss in eternal life.
In any case, one cannot grumble against the God who sent the sorrow and sadness. Murmuring destroys the very purpose of the tribulation, deprives of salvation and plunges into perdition. How often do people complain "Oh, God, why me?", not understanding, thereby depriving themselves of forgiveness and eternal life. God does not give anyone more than a man can bear. Remember - God punishes and beats someone he loves the most. God sacrificed his own son for the salvation of sinful people, not to offend him by reproaches and disobedience.
Closer to God is impossible without the temptation. The Holy fathers would say that virtue, which was not a temptation, not a virtue in fact. Only having passed through tribulation, temptation and deprivation, you can become closer to God. Thus, it tests whether you are worthy of his mercy and eternal life.
Be sure to thank God for all the suffering sent to you. It is fortunate that Father drew is a fatherly attention on you, did not escape his attention, and gave the suffering and temptations, to be purified in the way, you could come into His Kingdom as loyal and loving child.
Never wish for death, do not ask for pain relief. Patience comes in the moment when you begin to thank God for sending the suffering. It will give a "second wind", will support your strength. God will never send death to those who asks because he sees asking people not ready to accept deliverance from suffering.
Don't forget - God loves everyone and feels what you feel. Open your heart, get rid of malice, envy and hatred, and the love of God will fill all your being.