How to pray

Prayerful communion with God is very personal, it is important to understand that God can not be anything to hide. Moreover, the attempt to hide something, to disguise will work against a person, as will demonstrate his insincerity. God knows man better than man knows himself, so the main rule of prayer is to be sincere.

You can and should use the well-known prayer, but in any case can not forget about the simple conversation with God – when you talk to Him in your own words, sincerely expressing his request. You can even converse with God, when you went to bed. Your prone position will not be disrespectful to God – the most important is your desire to talk to Him. When you lie in silence, your prayer may be especially sincere.

It is important to understand a very subtle point: prayer to God should not be filled with despair and lamentations. A man who sincerely believes in God, should not and cannot despair, no matter what difficult situation was not he or someone close to him. Prayer, filled with weeping and tears is a prayer of unbelief. Proper prayer, even with tears in his eyes, filled with faith in the omnipotence of God, in His goodness and mercy. There is no despair – there is hope and faith, gradually replaced by joy. Joy in prayer is one of the most important indications that your prayer is heard and you will be assisted.

God's answer to prayer

The aforementioned joy, some point arising during prayer, is one of the answers of God. Will help you – but how? Unfortunately or fortunately, God's answer to the prayers of a person is not always the way we expect it. This is because God will never send a person that would do him harm. Even the most desperate prayer does not force God to give man what he asks, if the result of the acquisition, please be negative.

That is why true believers asking God for something, always know that prayer can remain unfulfilled, or be fulfilled not in the way they wanted it. But this is where the true humility of the believer – the ability to adopt any result to accept the will of God. Whatever happened, people knew – it was God's will. So just rolls with it, not making God claims regarding unfulfilled requests.

There is another point which is worth mentioning. Sometimes a believer during prayer is very clear feel, that God is here, with him, His presence can be very obvious. But sometimes people pray and realizes that God is there. Does this mean that God abandoned him and will not hear prayers? Of course not every prayer will still be heard – otherwise, simply can not be. But God sometimes leaves a person for some time. Maybe in order to better feel the difference between prayer in God's presence and prayer without Him.

Sometimes, people just really hard on the soul. And he prays not to ask for anything material, and to remove from the soul the weight. If the prayer is faith, then after a while one begins to feel the burden from the soul out. Moreover, sometimes it goes away almost instantly. Instead, the soul appears a quiet flame of joy. It flares up stronger and stronger until people are enveloped in a genuine bliss. This is one of the options of direct communication between man and God – and God's answer to appeal to Him in prayer.