Before you go to God asking for love, think, don't contradict your notion about this feeling of Christian doctrine. So many people not finding love in his heart, trying to replace its ersatz, taking a fleeting passion, blind passion or lust for that Holy feeling.
If you are someone you love, but without reciprocity, do not ask God that he bowed at your side some people as the violence repugnant to the very nature of Christianity. Only God knows when on your way there will appear the man you can really go through life hand in hand.
If you haven't yet worthy object for love, or you can not understand, if you are capable of this feeling or not, ask God to send you those in need of comfort to help them cope with the sorrows that fell to their share. Doing good deeds, always refer to God with a request to strengthen your spirit, and looking at those who are much worse than you, do not succumb to pride, not regret them and learn to sympathize with them. And compassion is only one step to love.
If someone confessed to you in love, but don't you think ready to connect his life with this person, don't ask God to help you see: this is the true feeling or false, as such a request could be fulfilled literally, and in a blink of an eye and you lose everything. The most severe test that fell to your share, you will not be able to ward off from you a man who really loves, but if you are spiritually not ready for this, it will destroy you and turn you from God, who is trying to save you from doubts.
Get rid of bad thoughts and do not give God any hasty vows that obviously will not be able to perform and moreover, do not offer him wealth, even if the material goods on your appeal will be implied support for the Church or the orphanage.