Will receive a blessing. Care in the monastery is perceived by many lay people as an escape from real life. Young handsome man in ecclesiastical garb seems unhappy lost soul, longing for light Lord. In fact, it is not. The priest, who blesses to care in a monastery, as a rule, quite a long time eyeing who came to him, trying to understand the true purpose of the solution. Having received the blessing, the future a novice can move forward on the way to Church. If the priest decides that you are not ready for such changes in their lives, should give.
Go to the monastery as a novice. The Confessor will advise what the monastery should go. With his blessing you need to speak with the Dean, that allowed you to become a novice. The probation includes the convent life, work, prayer, fasting, Bible study and other classes. This period can last up to 5-10 years, and sometimes, the novice this period changes his mind and returns to the world. Often initially, the person is invited to become a staff, i.e. an assistant in the work, and then novice.
Take vows. Tonsure is a rite of passage with the monks. There are three successive degrees of monks: the rassophore monk (vows of a novice) is a preparatory degree to the adoption of a minor schema; and the monk of the small schema is taking a vow of chastity, nestyazhatelstva and obedience, a monk of the great schema or angelic form (schema-monk) takes a vow of renunciation of all worldly things. Tonsure is a symbolic action which indicates that the person will henceforth serve only the Lord. In the monastery he can make only the Abbot. Of course, the novice can become a monk only if he received a blessing from the priest, when he convinced his intentions and humility.