Advice 1: How to get into the monastery

The decision to go to the monastery - it's always a sharp turn in a person's life. The reasons can be many. The solution is one. Everyone who realized that his path is forever linked with the Church, must pass the tests to achieve the desired goal.
How to get into the monastery
Will receive a blessing. Care in the monastery is perceived by many lay people as an escape from real life. Young handsome man in ecclesiastical garb seems unhappy lost soul, longing for light Lord. In fact, it is not. The priest, who blesses to care in a monastery, as a rule, quite a long time eyeing who came to him, trying to understand the true purpose of the solution. Having received the blessing, the future a novice can move forward on the way to Church. If the priest decides that you are not ready for such changes in their lives, should give.
Go to the monastery as a novice. The Confessor will advise what the monastery should go. With his blessing you need to speak with the Dean, that allowed you to become a novice. The probation includes the convent life, work, prayer, fasting, Bible study and other classes. This period can last up to 5-10 years, and sometimes, the novice this period changes his mind and returns to the world. Often initially, the person is invited to become a staff, i.e. an assistant in the work, and then novice.
Take vows. Tonsure is a rite of passage with the monks. There are three successive degrees of monks: the rassophore monk (vows of a novice) is a preparatory degree to the adoption of a minor schema; and the monk of the small schema is taking a vow of chastity, nestyazhatelstva and obedience, a monk of the great schema or angelic form (schema-monk) takes a vow of renunciation of all worldly things. Tonsure is a symbolic action which indicates that the person will henceforth serve only the Lord. In the monastery he can make only the Abbot. Of course, the novice can become a monk only if he received a blessing from the priest, when he convinced his intentions and humility.
Rastrigina is the eruption of the Church of San. Possible voluntary rastrigina and by decree of the Church. After this ceremony, the monk returned in the condition it was in before the taking of Holy orders.
Useful advice
The monk need to get prepared long before: eat simple foods, do not smoke, drink alcohol, do not backbite, often to pray and confess. All this will make life easier for entering the monkhood let the boy or man.

Advice 2 : How to get to the monastery

In the monastery people come with very serious intentions to improve themselves, to acquire the virtues of obedience, humility, patience. All these virtues are being tested in man, and for that we need strong faith. Almost all monasteries accept novices and novices, they need people who visit the monastery with good intention, to pray, to work, to fulfill the obedience.
How to get to the monastery

It is in the monastery itself can be discarded, take up your cross daily and to work hard, to be a follower of Christ, not to look back in front of difficulties. You can't fall into despair or become discouraged. If the man decided to get to the monastery, it means he came to be saved and to acquire humility. And humility is achieved through obedience, obeying the leaders of the monastery.

To get to the monastery, there are several ways. The simplest, but most risky, is to get there on their own, without prior coordination with the services of the monastery, because in this case at the hotel at the monastery may not be the place. It would be better if you try to coordinate your visit with the pilgrimage service of the monastery.

Leaning a monk, a man brings to God the vows. This is quite a serious step, and that man made a mistake, once having decided on this, in the monastery of his long experience. There are several stages of monastic life:

1. The first level is novice. When people come to get acquainted with the monastery and work there "for the glory of God," that is not for money. Being a novice, a person can always return to the world, and it does not entail sin. Employee must live in the monastery, subject to its internal regulations, performing the work that it will charge the leadership of the monastery. The searcher at the monastery provides a hostel and food.

2. The second step is a novice. Novices are the people who decided to become a monk and wrote to the brethren of the petition for admission. If the Abbot convinced of the seriousness of the man, he enrolled in the brethren of the monastery, given a cassock, and the man begins a probationary period. Time is different for everyone and can reach several years. A novice can deny his intentions and go into the world. This is discouraged, but not forbidden.

3. The third stage – a monk. The person giving the vows, no turning back, because a betrayal of the vows is treason to God and a great sin.

Many of the monasteries have their own websites on the Internet, and if you decided to go to the monastery, write about yourself to the email address interested the monastery to his leadership could make a decision.


Advice 3 : How to go to the monastery

Have a care in the monastery can only be one reason – a desire to serve God. "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him denies himself, take up his cross and followeth Me," says Jesus in Scripture. Neither the desire to escape from life's mishaps or financial difficulties cannot be the reason for voluntary withdrawal in the monastery.
How to go to the monastery
It is important to understand that the monasteries have strict enough and demanding the execution of the Charter, to follow which is not easy. In addition, true Ministry requires complete renunciation. Well think about the words "full-denial", and before you make that decision, you should carefully listen to their feelings and appreciate the meaning of this step. If you suspect that you are insincere and insufficiently diligent, the Abbot (or abbess if the monastery is female) might find you are not ready to serve.
The laity in order to go to the monasteryto get the blessing from the priest. If you are an experienced Christian, attend Church regularly, I have long been a spiritual father, and he believes that you are ready to serve, then to him you will be easy. If you are in the very beginning, and religious experiences you do not yet have, this may take some time. The more sincere your desire and rather than you follow the advice of the spiritual father, the faster you get it.
There is another way. It is neither more complex nor longer – much depends on the circumstances. You need to come to the monastery and ask for blessings from the Abbot (abbess) to become workers. In most cases, people receive such a blessing, even if they are not baptized or even infidels. Novice takes some part in the divine service, the rest of the time working in a range of activities. The money he gets, he is provided with only accommodation and food, but if he shows his sincerity and diligence, it may well become one of the novices.

Advice 4 : How to go to the convent

In the monasteries from the Madding crowd and escape to the problems are very different people – different ages, social status and education. Abode accept almost everyone. Most of those who come to the monastery – a strong and active people, because life in the monastery difficult, both physically and spiritually.
How to go to the convent
You will need
  • In order for the woman to leave the monastery will need:
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of marital status;
  • - autobiography;
  • - the application addressed to the abbess.
Decide for yourself – are you ready to leave the monastery. Joining a monastery is a very important decision. Taking it person should understand that he is going to radically change my life. Life in the monastery difficult – needs a lot of work physically, to observe all the fasting, to tame the flesh. But life in the monastery, frees man from worldly troubles, and gives you the opportunity to join the light, purity and faith.
If your intention firmly, consult your Confessor. It will help you to choose a monastery and to prepare for departure from the world.
Organize your files, documents, work it out legal issues.
Contact the abbess of the monastery and talk with her about your desire to come to the monastery. It will tell you what you need to bring with you.
When you arrive at the monastery, you'll need to present a passport, certificate of marital status and curriculum vitae, and a petition for adoption in the monastery in the name of the abbess. If all documents are in order you age, unmarried/divorced, if you have no children or your children is well arranged you will be in the monastery for a trial period. Most often, this period is three years. It can be cut, depending on how well-behaved and morally upright you show yourself at the monastery.
At the end of the probationary period, the superior will give a presentation on the vows of the ruling Bishop, and you will be able to perceive the monastic order.
For admission to the monastery is not required to make any material contributions. While life in a monastery is not required to do. You can make donations, but it is not mandatory and completely voluntary.
Useful advice
Before you leave the monastery think about why you want to do, is not this decision a momentary impulse. During the three years of novitiate, you will have the opportunity to test the strength of your intentions and to make a final decision.

Advice 5 : How to go to monks

It often happens that a person thinking about life in the monastery. Does it happen because of some life difficulties or deep faith guides the person closer to God, the path of a monk is the same for all.
How to go to monks
Get ready for that life of the monk-man complex and difficult in different aspects. You will have to give up most of the benefits of civilization and to resist various temptations.
Visit the temple and consult with the priest. Well, if you have a Confessor – i.e. your personal spiritual guide who can give you good advice, will determine the extent of your willingness to serve God.
Trains on the monasteries if time permits, meet and talk with the father-Abbot (Abbot of the monastery). From your conversation, he concluded, are you ready for the monastic life, whether you have obstacles to tonsure. For example, you can't go to the monastery without the blessing of the parent (if parents are alive) or if you are married and you have minor children, even if the spouse you let go. If the Abbot will see that the desire firmly, and there are no obstacles to the departure from the secular world, you will stay in the monastery as a novice.
Live in the monastery as a novice, i.e. the person helping the monks in their work. In addition, you will incur various vows of obedience. Monastic rules for the staff are not very strict. This is largely people external to the monastery. You will require the abandonment of bad habits, improper speech, and the discipline in performing job duties. On Sundays you will have to attend worship and communion regularly. If you overcome this stage, you will be transferred to novices.
Take probation if life in the monastery as a novice didn't sway your desire to become a monk. A novice is a person accepted into the brotherhood, but has not yet become a monk. Being a novice, you will pass a variety of tests – monastic art. Typically, the duration of poslechnete is 3 years, but the period can be both increased and reduced. Clothing of the novice is the cassock, skufia and belt. If you violate any of monastic rules or soak tests, you are referred to from the monastery and free from obedience.
Take vows as a monk, if you have gone the way of the novice, and novice and has not wavered in his desire to give his life to the service of God. You should also be ready to give three wishes to the moral perfection: celibacy, obedience and poverty. Take seriously the promises, think about their meaning: virginity – the preservation of the great purity, obedience, honoring each of the brothers better and above themselves, poverty is good-natured endurance of thirst, starvation, and brutal tightness.

Advice 6 : Where to leave the monastery

Traveling around the world, people can not only look at the lives of different people, but to try it for themselves. To be aboriginal, live in the original dwelling. To feel like a noble person, hire a castle. Well, to avoid the Madding crowd will help the monasteries.
Where to leave the monastery
Have long been celebrities took fashion from time to time to live in the monastery, founded in the late fifth century, the Shaolin temple. Not only people involved in martial arts, come here, but those who want to learn Zen Buddhism. But this is not a private place, and now crowds of tourists bring the hustle and bustle on the territory of the ancient monastery, there are many gift-gun shops. But in China, a lot of "fighting" monasteries are not popular, but to preserve the peace and quiet, which are sometimes so necessary.In Korea you too can live in a Buddhist monastery. You will need to master the simplest rules of conduct in such places of worship. Then you will be acquainted with the everyday life of the inhabitants of the monastery, will talk about the shrines and the treasures that are stored here. You must remember a few basic rules: walk only in clean clothes, do not use bright makeup, do not smoke, do not drink alcoholic beverages during worship not to shout, to run, to talk to anyone. In these monasteries you can spend the day or a long course of meditation, martial arts, making lanterns and prayer beads. Also you can learn to cook dishes or to hold a traditional tea ceremony.Many Catholic convents have pages on the Internet, where you can book a room in the monastery. The Russians often visit and live in monasteries in the Holy Land in Israel, in Orthodox countries: Greece, Montenegro and Bulgaria. In Russia you too can live in the monastery. Some monasteries allow you to get free, but in extremely Spartan conditions. Unlike the Buddhist, Orthodox monasteries have not yet become a tourist "trails". You have to become "workers", that is, to thoroughly work on the monastery. But first get the blessing of the Abbot of the monastery selected. And, already settled in the monastery, any action will need to seek blessing. To obstruct and not to let the worker in most monasteries will not, because working hands are always needed. Policies nearly the same as in all the monasteries of the world: behave modestly and decently, not to go "with its Charter". You can live in the monastery and couples (only married in Church), they are not separate, but everything will depend on conditions and opportunities of the institution. "Workers" stay and eat for free at the monastery, they participate in Church services and are obeying, that is working in the garden and the garden, cook and go to the store, help in the repair and restoration of buildings.

Advice 7 : How to live at the monastery

When Orthodox monastery to live as a novice, novice or volunteer. People working in the monastery for a salary, sometimes also accommodated in the premises on its territory.

How to live at the monastery
You will need
  • Internet, phone
Staff and volunteers – the people who work in the monastery. Second, unlike the first, are not required to attend Church services. Novice – a person preparing to become a monk. He had not yet taken monastic vows, but living according to the rules for monks. He is allowed to wear the cassock, rosary beads, a yarmulke. To become a novice, you need to write a petition to the Abbot of the monastery.
Identify your target. If you want to learn about the monastic way of life, it makes sense to stay in the abode of a staff, a volunteer or to get to work. To become a novice should only be done when the intention to withdraw from the world to the monastery seriously. In any case, it is advisable to consult with your Confessor before you make a decision.
If you want to earn income, while in the monastery, try to get back to work. Monasteries sometimes hire builders, cooks, guides.
Select a suitable location. The necessary information can be found on the Internet. Ask advice from a priest who confess. You can visit the famous monastery (Valaam, for example, are willing to accept those willing to work hard).
If you do not think you will return to the world, go to the selection of the monastery seriously. To get away from it, becoming a novice, it will be difficult. Pay attention to a quiet, sparsely populated monasteries.
Contact the monastery. Some of them have their own web pages where you placed ' on which to write. Sometimes on the sites of monasteries post questionnaires for staff, filling of which, you need to tell about yourself. It is desirable to be healthy and he was Church-going man.
When you arrange to stay at the monastery, collect things. You'll need documents (if you don't plan to get to work officially, a passport is sufficient) and personal belongings. The list should be clarified with representatives of the monastery. So, bed linen somewhere give, and somewhere please take.
Pick clothes. Open things in the monastery you can not wear. Women should wear long skirts and shawls.
Do not take computer and other electronics without having. Take a break from worldly things.
Accommodation and meals will provide for you. In addition, workers in the monastery, as a rule, are free to enjoy the commemoration (to submit notes on the health and for the repose of the).
Be prepared to abide by the rules of the monastery. Remember that you need to take a blessing, before to do anything. Spouses live separately. Strictly prohibited Mat alcohol, cheeky behavior.

Advice 8 : How nuns live in the monastery

Contrary to popular belief that women go to the monastery after a severe emotional upheaval, among the nuns a lot of strong personalities, who came back calling, with the desire to serve God, to devote the whole of his life.
How nuns live in the monastery
Monasticism, voluntary renunciation of worldly pleasures is an act, a way of life, similar to the feat. In the monastery it is impossible to hide from any problems, and those who can't find his purpose in life, in most cases, you will not find him in the monastery. In the sanctuary, the monks don't refuse anyone, but the true monasticism is a lot of strong – minded women and men. Not every man power to live every hour according to the laws of charity and love of neighbor, hard work, steadily to observe all the commandments of God, and dissolve in Christianity, forgetting about himself and renounced all worldly things.

How the life of nuns

Those who are looking for peace and tranquility, trying to get away from problems, hiding behind the monastery walls, as a rule, I don't know anything about how the nuns live in the monastery.

Many women believe that nuns from early morning until late at night to pray, seeking salvation and remission of their sins, and all mankind, but it is not. To read the daily prayers is given no more than 4-6 hours, and the rest of the time is dedicated to the performance of certain duties, the so-called obediences. For some of the sisters ' obedience is to perform garden work, someone who works in the kitchen, and someone engaged in embroidery, cleaning, or care. All that is necessary for life, the nuns produce and grow themselves.

Seek medical assistance to novices and nuns are not forbidden. Moreover, in every monastery has a sister with medical education and specific experience in this area.

Worldly people somehow believe that nuns have limited interaction with the outside world and with each other. This view is mistaken – the sisters allowed to communicate among themselves and with people who have no relation to the monastery and to serve the Lord. But idle babble is not welcome, the conversation always comes down to the canons of Christianity, the commandments of God and the service of the Lord. In addition, to convey the laws of Christianity and to serve as an example of obedience for the laity – this is one of the main responsibilities and purpose of the original nuns.

Watching TV and reading secular literature in the monastery is not encouraged, although both are there. But Newspapers and television are perceived by the inhabitants of the monastery is not as entertainment but as a source of information about what is happening outside the walls of their residence.

How to become nuns

Becoming a nun is not as easy as many believe. After coming to the monastery, the girl given time, with at least 1 year to understand their choice and get acquainted with the life of the nuns. This year she goes from a pilgrim to trudnica.

A pilgrim is not allowed to eat, not attend worship and does not communicate with the nuns. If the desire to serve God is not lost during the seclusion, the girl becomes trudnica and gets the right to participate in the life of the monastery along with all its inhabitants.

After the filing of the petition on the tonsure is not less than 3 years before there is a sacrament of initiation and the girl becomes a true nun.
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