You will need
  • - payment documents on credit;
  • - help to close the loan and have no Bank claims on the loan.
Many different reasons cause the need to remove your credit history, and wishing even more not to consider. Few people know that in nbki the credit history is stored for 15 years since its last update. Delete credit history is almost impossible, only improve. Do not be upset, after all the cases of removing bad reviews was the place to be. First you need to request your credit history. Phone "a hot line" National Bureau of credit histories (+7 495 221 78 37).
In that case, if you are more than sure that your credit history is stained not justified, wrongly, then be sure to ask the Bank for explanations. Not just ask, and understand, why there is such a situation. If you manage to prove that this information is not true, then it will delete from the database.
At times credit history is spoiled by very minor factors - the debt on the credit card, even if it is small (10 rubles), makes you a willful defaulter. In this case, it is sufficient to extinguish it, and your story will be much better.
Your credit history is damaged actually, or you failed to prove that the information was wrong, then just try to improve it. To do this, take first credit for a small fee, pay it on time. Then take credit for a little more money, and again you need flawless execution of credit obligations. Such small loans and the flawless execution of conditions are able to change the attitude of banks towards you. And hence improve the credit history.