You will need
  • - Reliable and stable operation;
  • - the full repayment of the debt.
To get into the black list for various reasons. For example, if you have a criminal conviction on your record, banks will be wary. Also under suspicion are people who do not want to answer questions directly of the Bank, ulama, skrytnaya. Banks regard this behavior as a signal of fraud. Also in the black list can send and if you have had litigation with another Bank. Moreover, even if truth was on your side. And, of course, a direct way of getting blacklisted is failure to pay an installment on the loan on time.
To rectify the situation and get out of the list of debtors difficult, but possible. First, you have to repay your loan. Let it be delay. But remember that you have to pay the Bank various penalties - fines and penalties. But your conscience before the credit organisation will be clean.
You must also provide the Bank with a document that will allow you to convince the Bank that your dishonesty was caused by objective reasons. For example, the fact that at the moment you have reduced wages at work, or you were under the reduction. Fit and reference on the condition, for example, that you were on distalnom sick leave and full salary received.
In some cases, it is recommended to take out a small loan, and quickly and accurately to extinguish it. Is allowed to use and early repayment.
Be sure to plan your budget. If overdue loans you have some that today it is possible and it is not surprising, distribute their efforts between them. Many borrowers will decide to start to repay small loans, and then to take on large. But this is a big mistake. After all, banks in the first place, serves to recover a large debt, not small. Quenching small, you spray your efforts and the situation is not correct.
Of course, you must have stable and reliable performance. Banks trusted the borrowers who have a reliable income.
Get rid of credit card, pre-pay the debt on it. This card is a source of additional loans. Hands are so itchy to take it and again go to waste. And this leads to increase of debt. Moreover, the credit card very high interest rate, to pay for which is very difficult.