If you wronged by the Bank and included in the black list, this problem is solved, but be ready that it will be very difficult to do. First repay your debt. The sooner you do, the more you will have chances to be excluded from the black list.
Then you can try to convince the banker that this was a difficult period and this will not happen again. Although the probability of a positive result is very small. If you took out loans and paid them regularly, use it as argument.
Even if the Bank will come down to your pleas, you are unlikely to be able to get a loan for a large sum of money. Take a loan for a small amount (for example, purchase of small household equipment) and return the debt in a timely manner. After the debt in your credit history must receive a positive point.
In addition to demonstrating its integrity the Bank itself, you have to monitor the timely payment of all utility services. You should not be debt to the state.
If you can provide a large Deposit, do it. This will increase the degree of your reliability in the eyes of bankers.
Unfortunately, there are times when due to some technical faults or fraud in the black list includes completely innocent people.
If you are denied credit, check your credit history. By law you have the right to obtain extracts from its history once a year and service it needs to be the credit Bureau free of charge.
Find false information, ask the owner to fix them.
If you are denied, go to court.