The violation of various parts of the human vestibular system is accompanied by a number of specific symptoms to determine the localization problem, which can be located in the cerebral cortex and the receptors of the semicircular canals of the inner ear. The main symptoms disorders of the work of the vestibular apparatus are short-term dizziness when changing body position or head, nausea, repeated vomiting and balance disorder.

Pathological processes that cause such symptoms may be inflammatory, neoplastic or vascular in nature.

In the poor performance of the vestibular system also often found hearing loss, "jumping" image before my eyes, numbness and weakness of limbs, fall on level ground, double vision, sensation of ear stuffiness and the constant noise in it. In addition, a person may experience the autonomic, motor or sensory phenomena, and also noted impaired speech and swallowing reflex.


The most common causes of disorders in the vestibular apparatus are traumatic brain injury, otitis, vestibular neuritis, ischemia of the vertebral-basilar basin, as well as vertebral-basilar insufficiency caused by vascular problems. These disorders can be caused by atherosclerosis of the basilar, vertebral, or subclavian arteries, increased blood viscosity, orthostatic hypotension, cervical osteochondrosis or internal auditory artery occlusion.

Almost half of the cases, doctors could not figure out the exact cause of poorly functioning vestibular apparatus.

Also symptoms of vestibular disorders often found in the presence of edema in the region of the inner ear, injury of the vestibulocochlear nerve, intracranial hypertension, chronic bilateral dizziness, intoxication gentamicin or aminoglycosides. Problems with the vestibular apparatus is also called: taking some chemical drugs, Meniere's disease, concussion of the labyrinth, temporal bone fracture, perilymphatic fistula, blockage or dysfunction of the Eustachian tube, otosclerosis, acoustic neuroma, basilar migraine, epilepsy, craniocervical junction anomaly and gradually developing multiple sclerosis.