Get yourself checked out at a medical facility. Sometimes rocking is a symptom of diseases of the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract or metabolic disorders. Of particular concern should cause the cases of a sharp deterioration during travel. Cure the underlying disease, you automatically will get rid of the problems with the vestibular apparatus.
Strengthen the vestibular apparatus with the help of sports. It is best to all the swimming, running, volleyball, basketball. These types of exercise can strengthen certain muscle groups, develop coordination and, as a consequence, enhance the resistance to motion sickness.
Level of work of the vestibular apparatus with special exercises on stability and coordination. To perform them is quite difficult, so you should start with a small number of repetitions and hold the position only for a few seconds. Increase the duration of exercise the improvement of work of the vestibular apparatus. The signal that you have reached your goal, is the ability to do the exercises in full and with good health.
Starting position: stand straight with feet together, arms at sides. Close your eyes. Wait 30 seconds. Lower your arms freely and stand for another 20 seconds.
Take original position. Raise up on your toes. Hold the position for 15 seconds. Close your eyes and wait for another 15 seconds. Put your hands and refrain in this position for 15 seconds.
Raise up on your toes, arms along the body. The head fold back. Wait 10 seconds. Close your eyes and hold for another 7 seconds.
Raise up on your toes and quickly make head 10 tilts forward.
Stand on one leg, arms out to the sides. Wait 15 seconds. Close your eyes and stand still for 10 seconds. Change the leg and repeat the exercise.
If exercises do not work, contact a specialized medical facility that has the equipment for vestibular training. With their help, you will pick up effective prevention for motion sickness.