Let the basis for the article is the layout of the kindergarten. Model of a house with a yard differs only slightly. The entire layout we will have to stand on a big plywood sheet. Made of wooden laths, matches or paper cuts can be done around the edges of the fence. Oil covered the plywood with green paint, letís trace out the General it areas (games, sports and so on). On the layout we will depict the building of the garden, trees, shrubs and other environment.
The house can be done from a simple box and glue the paper. A pencil outline of the window, colored wrapping paper or use fabric to make curtains. The role glass will play we have records of mica or Scotch. Doors will be made of cardboard, cut out and glued.
Trees can make out of cardboard. Cutting, shaping, glue, where necessary. And the trunk is better to make from paper, as it is easily rolled into a tube and won't wrinkle. Will Paladim on the barrel crown. Remain only to paint the trees in matching colors. Berries and leaves you can paint the medium round brush, using the technique of the stroke.
Shrubs are almost trees. Only the template for them already includes the stalk and the crown. The crown is bonded, the lower part of the stalk sticking to the cardboard Cup, making them a few notches. Details of bushes stuck together, then coloring.
Nests constructed on the basis of the cone of paper. Cut out the circle, at a distance of 5 mm from the bottom of our cone make cuts. It will be easier to glue the cone to the cardboard mug, performing the role of support. The finished nest is necessary to smear with glue and sprinkle with small pieces of moss or pine needles.
Sandboxes can be made from a shallow lid from a cardboard boxes or paper made in origami technique. To make the effect slides of sand, will paste a paper cone in the center of the sandbox, smear it with glue and priciples good sand.
The grass can be made from fluffy woolen threads of different colors. These threads are glued directly to the base of the layout or in beds. In some places you can glue a pin to thread flowers (small pieces of candy wrappers).
The asphalt coating can easily be simulated by using a fine abrasive paper. This is the perfect option. As an alternative approach to the painting of plywood-the basics black or dark gray oil paint or gluing the appropriate color self adhesive tape.
Finally, the elements of the playgrounds (e.g., horizontal bars, ladders, etc.) can be made of tubes for cocktails or a simple paper tubes.