To create the layout you will need plywood with the thickness of 6-8 mm, and materials for facades, walls and roofs. Plywood manufacture the frame of the house and place it on a flat surface.
Separately prepare the facades, carved according to the drawings, and cut them in door and window openings. Then abrade the cut and joints.
The Foundation of the house fabricated from wide slats, gluing them on the ready box at home, and also separately make a porch with stairs from solid bars of wood.
Of thin plywood separately cut out door and window frames, sand them with sandpaper, glue on the contour of the thin rails and firmly stick to the frame of the house in the openings. In the Windows instead of glass plexiglass insert mm thickness glued on the outer side frames made of plastic or wood.
Take a single sheet of plywood and saw out a gable roof for the house, and then the roofs for the individual buildings if you want to Supplement the house a yard. Solder made of thin sheet metal downspouts and gutters, and then secure them on the roof. Chimneys manufacture of small bars of wood.
Once the small parts are ready, begin to assemble the house. First, collect a box at home, then place a roof on it, and then fix at exterior doors porches.
Beautiful carved individual columns or strips, which closes the joints of the plywood sheets, so that the house looked beautiful. The surface of the building sand, cover the stain and varnish or paint paint.
Start making models of buildings with simple models – for example, the small huts or barns. Then you can improve your skills and move on to building more complex layouts.