You will need
  • - several sheets of thin plywood (cardboard or foam)
  • construction adhesive ("Moment" or liquid nails)
  • - a sharp knife
  • - skin
  • - the awl
  • - thin strips
  • pencil
  • - line
  • - a plastic bottle or organic glass.
On a normal album pages sketch at home. The drawing must be made not only in the front, in profile, but in the context. Mention the minutest details of the projected building.
On graph paper, proportioning scale, draw blank walls, floor, roof and Foundation.
Transfer to the plywood (or any other used material) with paper marking. Cut out the rectangles for the walls, 4 isosceles triangle for a roof, a rectangle for the base, which will strengthen the building, and, if you have planned several floors, cut out the ceiling-floor.
Strip skin cuts on all parts. Proskura and the details for greater smoothness. Skin use only when to do a mockup using plywood or wood.
Cut window and door openings in walls. Staple all parts of the facade to each other using glue or liquid nails.
Of slats fabricate the Foundation of the house and attach it to the "pedestal" of the layout.
Seal the Foundation and walls.
From matchboxes or wooden bars to build the porch. Decoration: railings, canopy over the porch - made of thin wooden boards and plastic bottles.
Draw on the plywood door, cut it, strip the skin. Make a mount for the door and glue to the panel, drank in advance of the opening.
For Windows, use organic glass or transparent plastic. Insert glass in frame (use Reiki and glue). Cover the frame with glue before placing them in the window openings.
Scuff the joints of the parts of the roof around so that they match and had no gaps. Glue the triangles between yourself and once dry attach to the home.
Critically examine the layout, add the missing small parts. Cover the roof and facade paint. If you want to see not just a smooth wall and smooth the roof, walk the torch on the facade, and then scuff Napili, simulating the joints of the logs or laying bricks.